The best pepper cookies with chili peppers created in cookie Run Kingdom

The best pepper cookies with chili peppers created in cookie Run Kingdom


Cookie Run: cookies with chili pepper from the kingdom-this is an epic cooking from an ambush, which prefers the middle position of the team. Her strong personality and a familiar face can be known to most players, since she joins the Jingerbraave detachment at the beginning of the history of the world research. Chile pepper is also free cookies that all players receive after the first time pulling out in training mode.

The best assembly of pepper cookies with chili pepper in CRK

As a unit of traffic police, a cookie with chili pepper is best built with a full set of burning raspberries. Give preference to bonus characteristics that increase ATK and Crete, as well as a slight reduction in recovery time for the convenience of using skills and resistance to survival, when possible. However, due to the low factors of Chili Pepper, you need many characteristics that increase DMG to make it viable for most gaming modes.

The best treasures for cookies with chili pepper in CRK

Cookies with chili pepper are best combined with treasures that increase DMG, such as scroll of the old pilgrim as well as gloomy braid . This will help improve her ATK and Crit, increasing its total damage.

Information about the skill of chili pepper

The cheap shot : creeps up to the enemy from behind, causing damage to the area of the back line for 4 strikes. The last blow always causes critical damage.

Skills specifications :

cool *: 12 seconds
DMG distributed *: 44.5 percent (+0.6 percent of damage per level)

Check out our assembly guidelines for the best cookies for cookies with a caramel arrow in cookie run: Kingdom to find out about another version of the cookies DPS.

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