LOL: The worst team in the history of the competitive that has lost 35 games in a row

LOL: The worst team in the history of the competitive that has lost 35 games in a row

The professional teams of League of Legends that go down in history usually do so thanks to their successes in the invoker crack. No one can forget the world championships won by SK Telecom, Samsung or Funplus Phoenix. However, lifting a trophy is not the only way to write a legend. It may not be equally honorable, but records can also be written in negative. That is exactly what has achieved v3_ eSports . A team that two years ago won in its region and played the World Cup and has now become the worst in history.

The worst team in the history of the competitive legends

V3 is a LJL team that opted very strongly to win in the Japanese region and even achieved the trophy in 2020, pushing the historical detonation focusme of the Worlds. However, facing the current season opted for a set formed by the players of their academy . A template that did not meet the few expectations, closed the Spring Split without victories and continued with the bad trend in summer. All these circumstances, added to the fact that more games are played in Japan, they translate into a total of 32 consecutive clashes losing those who have to add the last three of last season for a total of 35.


Before continuing, we are going to take a look at the accumulated statistics in the last 32 losses.

Taking a look at statistics, it is easy to see what is the big problem that V3 eSports faces. Even if sometimes they throw the first tower or get the first blood, in none of the 32 games they have played has managed to maintain the advantage after the first fifteen minutes . In fact, the Japanese team averages a negative difference of more than 2,700 monetary units. It is true that this season it is easier to overcome, but not even in these circumstances it is easy to impose itself before such a big handicap. Nor does the scarce survival of the team help, which accumulates a medium kda of only 1.2 .

With this bad streak, V3 Esports has signed a negative record that seems very difficult to overcome and that will not necessarily end soon. The Japanese competition still has ten days ahead and seen the team’s journey is not impossible Legends, but electronic sports as a whole.

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