4:33, which grew up with Conjinwon support, helps junior game companies successful

4:33, which grew up with Conjinwon support, helps junior game companies successful

The Korea Creative Content Agency (hereinafter referred to as Conjinwon) signed a business agreement on the 3rd to discover promising games and support investment attraction with Nessage Thirty-three (4:33).

Conjinwon cooperates with 4:33 to provide expert mentoring and investment attraction consulting for promising start-up contents advancement support projects. 4:33 supports the discovery and investment of game companies that are having difficulty in financing based on their own funds.

Major cooperation is: ▲ Promotional game discovery and investment attraction, self-composition fund priority investment review ▲ Advisory to upgrade Conjin One Support Game Contents Related to continuous cooperation plan discussions.


Currently, Conjinwon conducts ▲ content production support ▲ overseas localization support ▲ Game direct service support ▲ Overseas co-participation support It is being in.

4:33 was selected for the next-generation game production support project, which has been implemented since 2009 by Conjinwon. The representative work ‘Bow’ received production support in 2013, and ‘Blade’, which was serviced in 2014, received sales of 100 billion won and 5 million downloads within seven months of launch, and received the first mobile game ‘Korea Game Awards’.. Currently, Boxing Star, World Baseball Stars, and Eroika are being serviced, and they are developing blockchain NFT games ‘AUG: All of US Are Gods’.

It is very meaningful that a successful senior venture company that has a relationship with Conjinwon has actively started to support junior start-up companies and support investment, said Congjinwon. This business agreement grows the game ecosystem. I expect it to play a leading role as an example.

4:33 CEO Han Sung-jin said, We are familiar with the difficulties of companies that are trying to challenge the game field by starting up to startup 4:33. I will make it possible.

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