Victory Road of Inazuma Eleven Heroes title name change & new information released after a long time.
 Restore the match system over time

Victory Road of Inazuma Eleven Heroes title name change & new information released after a long time. Restore the match system over time

Level Five released the latest information on the collection and training soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven Heroes’ Victory Road .

First, this work was announced under the title Great Road of Inazuma Eleven Heroes, but this time it was changed to Victory Road of Inazuma Eleven Heroes. According to Akihiro Hino, President and CEO of Level Five, while writing the story of this work, the characters are not strong as a player, but we are confused, aiming for victory, and we are worried. It was said that it was a muddy story. Therefore, it seems that the road to victory has changed and changed.

The match system, which includes the operation method of this work, was also revealed. The Inazuma Eleven series has been expanded mainly on Nintendo DS/3DS, and has been used. It has been trial and error over time to see if the simple operation with the pencht touch can be realized with the no pen on the current machine.


As a result, this work introduced Free Soccer Interface. The player will be able to choose according to your preference. First of all, the operation method is introduced in the Nintendo Switch version, which can be selected from line draw (touch operation) and controller operation. Although the controller operation is a normal soccer game-like, it is said that Inazuma Eleven’s unique simple operation has been realized.

The play screen can be freely switched between the vertical screen, horizontal screen, and vertical and horizontal in the attack direction. You can switch at any time during the match. It seems that this system is considering adjustments that do not become unfair during the match.

Regarding the story of this work, it will be different from the previous Inazuma Eleven series work. The hero who loves soccer but who can’t play soccer becomes the commander, scouts other players and creates a team. It seems that a new school in Kyushu and Nagasaki will be set, and the process of completing the soccer team will be a long past story.

The Story Mode, which depicts the story of Sasanami Unmei, is not a parallel world that is directly connected to the characters of the past work, but as a completely original stage and character. The hero who is not allowed to play soccer will be a story that will open up Victory Road with his friends, saying, It will be quite hot. In addition, the soccer battle before the game can be played will be more fun and strategic than ever before, and will excite the process of full-fledged games.

In this work, another Chronicle Mode, which allows characters to collect characters from all history of the Inazuma Eleven series. It is a hero row mode that makes your own team your own team with your favorite characters in the past, and defeat the worst and terrible enemy teams. Characters and fighting teams that can be friends will increase by opening the game with achieving achievements and some updates. Details will be announced in the future.

Victory Road of Inazuma Eleven Heroes is being developed for Nintendo Switch/PS4/iOS/Android. The delivery date is undecided. The follow-up report of this work will be announced this winter.

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