Project Slayers – How to improve your breathing style with a training training

Project Slayers – How to improve your breathing style with a training training

As soon as you get to the mansion of butterflies in Project Slayers, you can access several goods, such as studying insect breathing, purchasing uniforms and buying pumpkins. Pumpkins are used to train your breathing, improving your attack abilities and giving you glasses for breathing progression. There are pumpkin of different sizes that will allow you to achieve more progress than they are more. Join us and we will discuss how to improve your breathing style using Gourd Training.

How to improve your breathing style with pumpkin in Project Slayers


Little Pumpkin

These pumpkins are cheap, but they are the lowest quality of three sizes. They cost 200 Wen and give three breathing progression points. They are available immediately, unlike two other sizes that need to be unlocked. To unlock the average pumpkin, you must use a small pumpkin seven times.

Average pumpkin

These pumpkins are unlocked after the destruction of seven small pumpkins. They are more expensive than small pumpkins at a price of 450 Wen, but give 10 points of progression of breathing. Although they are of great value than small pumpkins, they are not as useful as large pumpkins. To unlock a large pumpkin, you must use the middle pumpkin seven times.

Big Pumpkin

Big pumpkin is the best option for training pumpkin. They are expensive at a price of 700 Wen, but provide the best ratio of 36 points of respiratory progression. After seven-time use of the average pumpkin, you can unlock this large pumpkin. After you opened a large pumpkin, there is no reason to choose lower pumpkins, unless you have little Wen.

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