What will change with the CONAN EXILES newly introduced Battle Pass to refrain from the large apde Age of Sorcery?
 Details are clear

What will change with the CONAN EXILES newly introduced Battle Pass to refrain from the large apde Age of Sorcery? Details are clear

Norwegian Indie Belopper FUNCOM has published details of the battle pass and bazaar to be introduced in the action adventure Conan EXILES .

2022 The largest update Age of Sorcery in Q3 is scheduled to be implemented

As the announcement was announced in June, the largest free update Age of Sorcery will be implemented in the third quarter of 2022 since its launch. In this update, the sword Conan the Barbarian sword and the world of magic will be reproduced, and the Battle Pass will be added in the future. And the paid item store Bazar, etc. will be introduced.

If you run out, you can get the reward for the next paid course purchase

The newly introduced Battle Pass of this work has a free course that can receive some rewards as well as Fort Knight, and a paid course that allows all rewards. The maximum level is at a maximum level, and you can always get all rewards at that level by switching to paid at any time.

No weapon armor that is advantageous in performance


Cosmetic recipes that can be obtained in the battle pass, as well as those of a series of download content sold in the past, do not have any advantageous elements such as experience value boosts, and are cosmetics that change their appearance. It will be a thing.

In the Age of Sorcery update, it is possible to change only the appearance of the armor with the new function called the Illusion System.

Rewards to be prepared at the moment

  • Armors

  • Weapons

  • Building Pieces

  • PETS

  • Emotes

  • Decorations

  • Flasks

  • Warpaints




Chrome coin that can be used to purchase paid items newly introduced

Depending on the progress of the battle pass, you can get chromcoin that can be used to purchase paid items and paid courses for battle passes. In addition, by the time the maximum level of the battle pass is achieved, a sufficient chromcoin can be obtained to purchase a paid course for the next battle pass . It is explained that if you purchase a paid course of the battle pass only once in real money and run it, you can cover the paid course for the following battle pass with the acquired chromcoin.

Bazaar where you can purchase your favorite items for a fee

For bazaars where cosmetic items such as weapons, armor, and architectural parts are prepared, you can purchase your favorite ones using chrome coins. It is said that what is displayed will be replaced by time. In addition, it is said that there is a possibility that items will be handled in the past battle pass and can no longer be obtained.

Conan EXILES (Conan Outcast ) , which has evolved for four years since the official release, is on sale on PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)/Domestic PS4/overseas Xbox One.

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