Steel Series, Starfield Hanam Customer Audit Event

Steel Series, Starfield Hanam Customer Audit Event

The world’s first gaming gear brand Steel Series (Eti Sham Lavani) announced that it will hold a ‘customer appreciation event’ to express gratitude to customers visiting the ** steel series brand experience zone in Hanam Starfield..

The Steel Series Brand Experience Zone is a space where you can experience various popular products of the steel series such as mouse, headsets, keyboards and mouse pads. The high-end gaming headset, which was launched in June, and the Arctis Nova Pro Series, are also available. This product is a new headset line that the Steel Series introduces in seven years, and it was expected before launch. It is equipped with a high-level high-fi audio system and AI-based noise canceling microphone.


The promotion will be held at Starfield Hanam from July 2 to 24. During the event, you can see the best-selling steel series best-selling mouse ▲ Rival 3 Wireless, Aerox 3 Wireless ▲ Rival 710, etc. at a discount of up to 68%.

In addition, prizes will be held for customers who have purchased the event. It can be participated as a prize entry ticket issued when purchasing the steel series event during the event period, and through the lottery, ▲ ▲ No. 1 Arctis Nova Pro Wired (1 person) ▲ 2nd T1 Uniform (3) ▲ 3rd Starbucks Americano Coupon (3) 20 people). It will also provide additional benefits for free gifts for weekends.

Lee Hye-kyung, president of the Steel Series Korea, said, Since the opening of the Steel Series Experience Zone, many people have visited and used the steel series products and sent attention. We will plan a variety of promotions that can be introduced.

Meanwhile, more details for steel series products can be found in the official steel series.

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