The # Shiba Inu Mount is gathered at the # Shiba Inu Mount at the start of the FF14 billing mount Oshiba Inu.
 From the screensho to the real Shiba Inu, the healing hashtag of the roller mofumofu

The # Shiba Inu Mount is gathered at the # Shiba Inu Mount at the start of the FF14 billing mount Oshiba Inu. From the screensho to the real Shiba Inu, the healing hashtag of the roller mofumofu

On June 30, a new billing mount Oshiba Inu was implemented in Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter FF14). Oshiba Inu, a fluffy tail with a fluffy appearance, captivated many of the FF14 players due to its lovingness, and on Twitter, #Shiba Inu Mount was temporarily trended. Seeing the hashtag, even Twitter users who are not playing games, #Shiba Inu Mount is a hashtag that can be said to be a dog school heaven.

The billing mount Oshiba Inu was announced around 17:00 on June 30. Mount is a vehicle element in FF14. In other words, you can ride a Mofumofu Shiba Inu in the game. Sales were started at the same time as the announcement, and on Twitter, the hashtag of #Shiba Inu Mount was exciting, centered on players who purchased Oshiba Inu. In the hashtag, many players posted screenshots and riding impressions, and #Shiba Inu Mount was temporarily a Twitter trend.

The hashtag gradually spread to the neighborhood where it was hard to imagine that it was a game-related topic from that character. The mount, which means riding item, and the mount, which means the act of showing off their superiority, was confused, and a flow of posting photos of the Shiba Inu that he kept and proud. Thus, #Shiba Inu Mount was a healing hashtag, where not only the screenshot of the billing mount Oshiba Inu, but also photos of the Shiba Inu where Twitter users live together in reality.

Shiba Inu Mount which spread outside FF14. The reason why the leading role, Oshiba Inu, gained popularity in the FF14 community may be that there was little supply of cute dog mounts. There are many dog-based mounts in FF14, but there are not many cute ones like Oshiba Inu. The Kamui series, which is a rare drop in the Guren’s Liberator, is a dignified and cool type of dog rather than cute. There are also the Helhound and Fay Hound series (currently not available) that were once available on PVP, and Cerberus, which is a clear reward for the Gunhild Dirou Blam-type clear reward, but all of them are far from cuteness. It is.

Oshiba Inu has a look that is all over the entire surface, such as a fluffy round muzzle (snout), a crolished body type, and a crispy eyes in the target of those fierce dog mounts. ing. There are three types of dedicated actions when riding, and it is also characterized by barking well, joyful with the tail, and depressed.

The Twitter account Can You Pet the Dog?, Which investigates and informs whether dogs are stroked in the game, also features Megashiba and introduces the fact that you can stroke the shelldog. is doing. This is as good as the tweet of the FF14 official account, and has gained a lot of share. It is one of the popular locations of Oshiba Inu. In addition, there are not many dedicated actions, which have three dedicated actions, which are not different colors of effects, but are not so many even if you look around the entire FF14. Due to the elaborate mount that appeared in few cute dog vehicles, Oshiba Inu would have attracted much attention.


Shiba Inu Mount, which started the FF14 billing mount implementation and gradually spread out of the community. From the screenshot of the billing mount Oshiba Inu to the photos of the real Shiba Inu, it was a hashtag of dogs with expressive facial faces. The FF14 billing mount Oshiba Inu is on sale for 2530 yen (tax included).

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