The weight of the last of us part i is revealed

The weight of the last of us part i is revealed

After its official revelation at Summer Game Fest, very little has been discussed about The last of us part i _, the remake of the classic game that Naughty Dog gave us in 2013. Fortunately, recently the Weight that this title will have , and it will be better to make space in your PS5.

Through Direct PlayStation, an official site of the company, it has been revealed that the last of us part i_ will weigh 79 GB on PS5 . In comparison, the original PS3 launch only required 30 GB. For its part, PS4 remastering, which also includes the left Behind DLC, requires you to have 48 GB available in your PS4.

The reason why the remake demands 79 GB is surely due to the new textures and improved visual elements. To this we will have to add the weight of future updates and patches. However, this remains below the last of us part II, which requires 95 GB available.

The Last of Us Part I_ will arrive in PS5 on September 2, with a PC version in the future . In related issues, these incredible tattoos inspired by the game. Similarly, Laura Bailey, actress of the last of us part II, is still harassed.

Editor’s note:

It is natural that a remake of this type requires more space. Today seeing a game that weighs almost 100 GB is normal. The problem is that the PS5 does not have a whole TB of memory, so you have to be very careful with what you delete and leave on the console.

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