How long do the Next Gen versions of Resident Evil improve?

How long do the Next Gen versions of Resident Evil improve?

Although the remakes of Resident Evil 2 and resident Evil 3 are considered one of the games with the best visual section of the latest generation, this thanks to the Re Engine, there are some somewhat notorious problems. Fortunately, It seems that the update for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC solve these inconveniences.

Once again, Digital Foundry has given the task of offering a complete analysis of visual performance that these two remakes have in the new consoles. To begin, There is talk of three display modes. The first refers to the integration of Ray-Training. The second gives us the opportunity to play at 60fps. To the last, but not least, the third gives access to a mode to 120fps.

Speaking of Ray-Training, this technology is not only used to improve the visual aspect, but corrects problems related to reflexes and lighting, providing better surfaces. However, it seems that the use of reflexes is not uniform throughout the game, something that can be seen in RESident Evil 2. Fortunately, In resident evil 3 a better implementation is seen.

The Ray-Training mode makes the game run in 30fps and 50fps. If you want to play stable 60FPS, The second mode allows these remakes to be run with this frame rate without some technical inconvenience , although some of the visual problems that were solved with the Ray-Tracing option, are back.

Finally, The third mode has an approach in offering 120fps . This means that Ray-Training mode improvements disappear, and the resolution opts for a dynamic 4K. In general, the 60FPS padlock disappears, allowing these remakes to run between the 80fps and 120fps, with Xbox Series X offering a better performance than the PS5.

Apparently, The best option is to play with Ray-Training mode. Although 60FPS is not offered here, visual performance improves a lot. In related issues, fans are not so happy to these Next-Gen versions. Similarly, you can play as Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village.

Editor’s note:

Considering that resident Evil Village If you managed to offer better visual sections, it is likely that many expected more of these updates, but it is also important to mention that we are talking about games several years ago, and making this type of improvements is not simple.

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