2022 LCK Challengers League Summer, BRO

2022 LCK Challengers League Summer, BRO

-Predit Brion-Zenji Esports, tied for first place with 4 consecutive wins in the first week… Will it continue to win in the second week?

-official Instagram, the first round of the event, a variety of prizes and autographs of players

The League of Legends 2nd Army League, the 2022 LCK Challengers League Summer, starts with the match between Guangdong Prix and T1 today (20th).


In the last week, Fredit Brion and Zenji Esports started the first place with four consecutive wins. Zenji Esports predicted an active role in the opening game with Kim Soo-hwan, the first pentakill of the summer split. Predit Brion also won the first place with the victory over DRX and Damwon Kia, which had been propagated in the past, and it is noteworthy that the two teams will continue to win the second week.

The Guangdong Prix and T1 are tied for third place with 3 wins and 1 loss. Nongshim Red Force, on the other hand, won the runner-up in the last Spring Split playoffs, but is currently eager for this week due to four consecutive defeats.

Meanwhile, on the first round of the regular league, the online event will be held at the official Instagram **. If you write a support comment on the matchup posts on the game day, you will receive a sign of the players’ autographs on the official mouse pad, the CGV movie ticket, and the arcade Miss Fortune Cup support.

The LCK Challengers League Summer 2nd week, starting with the Guangdong Prix and T1 at 5 pm today, Fried Brion and Live Sandbox, Hanwha Life e-Sports and KT Rollster, Nongshim Red Force and DRX and DRX Damwon Kia and Zenji Isports confront. The lineup will be released from the official Instagram and Facebook of the LCK Challengers League.

The LCK Challengers League will be hosted and hosted by the LCK subsidiary, and operated by the Korea e-Sports Association, and VSPN Korea will be broadcast and participated as a sponsor. In the broadcasting match, Lee Dong-jin Caster, ‘Kokko Kat’ Ko Soo-jin, ‘Lira’ Nam Tae-yu, ‘New Clear’ Shin Jung-hyun commentary every Monday and Tuesday from 5 pm Naver e-sports , Twitch , You can watch on African TV . The non-broadcasting match on Thursday and Friday will be replayed at 8 pm on the day, and the highlight will be released on the LCK Challengers League’s official YouTube **, Naver esports and African TV at 11 pm.

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