How to unlock the trophy/achievement last girl in a career

How to unlock the trophy/achievement last girl in a career

The trophy/achievement of the last girl in a career requires that only Caitlin survive from the main composition. For this, the player must kill all other characters. Having failed QTE and making a specific choice, you can do it easily, but it is a little more difficult to provide Caitlin survival. Here’s how to unlock the trophy/achievement of the last girl in a career.

How to leave only Caitlin alive

Playing for Caitlin , they must do everything possible to protect it. Both Ryan and Laura should also survive for a long time to kill Chris Heskett so that maximum you can bring to his death .

Get a doll in the first chapter

For chapter one the players should have Abi and Emma break into the cabin so that Abi can study doll . Then the players should hold the doll since this will be the only thing that can save Caitlin in chapter Tenth .

Murder Jacob

There are two ways that Jacob may die The first way is to shoot Jacob Ryan in the fourth chapter. To do this, the players must shoot the trees after Ryan saves Nick, and then persistent . Having received the opportunity to shoot again, Ryan must wait for the timer almost to the very end and shoot the trees again . If everything is done correctly, it will kill Jacob .

The second way is to wait Jacob runs away for chapter six . This requires the players to fail do not breathe event or work until Jacob enters bear trap . Choose pull out for free and the failure of QTE will hold it there for a long time to be killed .

killing Emma

Playing for Emma B Chapter Four Players can kill her Opening of the hatch instead of searching for a bag. This will lead to her instant death. Alternatively If Emma is running away, but will be bitten, then players can shoot at Emma as Caitlin as soon as she was released from the car in chapter eight . It will be a werewolf, and players will be able to use silver sinks so that then kill it .

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Murder Abigail

For chapter six players will be able to get Abigail killed just do not shoot at nickname . When the opportunity is given to shoot at Nick, players can simply allow the timer to expire, and the Abigail will be beheaded by the nickname before escaping. Abigail can be killed later, but this requires Emma to survive, which makes the requirements for the last girl invalid.

killing Laura

The death of Laura depends on her shooting at Travis in Chapter Seventh . When the opportunity is given to take the Travis gun, the players must use it to escape and do not apologize when leaving. This will make Travis kill Laura in Chapter nine .

Murder Nick

In Chapter eight While Laura and Ryan explore the red room with cells, Laura will try to shoot at the werewolf . Ryan has the opportunity to interrupt, but the players should let Laura kill Nick .

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Murder of Dylan

There are two ways that Dylan can die both that and another occurs accompanied by Caitlin. Playing Dilan during Chapter nine , players will be pursued in a landfill. When Dilan has a choice, he must trumpet into the horn and attract the attention of the werewolf. The failure of all the following QTE will after the fact that Dylan will be absorbed, and Caitlin will be able to escape.

The second way to kill Dylan is to leave him alive while chapter Tenth when searching Point of view . As soon as the hut is hacked, Caitlin can choose run or wait . Choosing wait Get Dylan killed when Caitlin shoots at the werewolf and then runs away.

killing Laura

While the players shot Travis in the seventh chapter Laura will be automatically killed after Ryan kills Chris Hamuctt . The choice bite Ryan will not matter if he can shoot Chris. If the players are not able to shoot Chris Hickett, then Max will remain a werewolf and wake up. alive. It will then annul the trophy/achievement .

Alternatively Players can have Laura, Ryan and also Travis work together until the end of the game, if she did not shoot at Travis in the seventh chapter . The choice do not raise the pistol will upset Travis, forcing him to try to take the gun from Laura. When passing QTE, Travis will triple, which will give players the opportunity to shoot in Travis. It will be warn Caylas and if neither Laura nor Ryan has a werewolf’s blood on their face Saylas will kill them both .

Murder Ryan

Ryan’s death depends on Travis kills Laura . After it will be stabbed with a silver mirror, players must choose aggressive , forcing Ryan and Travis to fight for weapons. Failure QTE from here will lead to the fact that Travis kill Ryan in revenge.

Alternatively If Ryan did not agree to get bitten , he will die from stab wounds shortly after the murder of Chris. If Laura is alive, she can die later in the chapter Tenth after the murder of Travis, but refusing to shoot at Seelas.

murder of Max

For as long as Chris Hakett is killed Players will begin Chapter Tenth Playing for Max. When the choice is given to stay or swim to the shore Max should swim to the shore so that it is killed by the werewolf .

Conservation of the life of Caitlin

In order for the players to keep Caitlin alive they must make sure that interact with the doll which is in the kitchen during chapter Tenth . Without it, players will die regardless of what choice they will make. After interacting with the doll, players can continue as usual, until the werewolf breaks **.

Then players can run or hide, and Caitlin will eventually reach the kitchen. When a choice is provided or run or go to freezer it you need to open the freezer . Then, while it interacts with the doll, she will have the opportunity to use the doll as a bait . Caitlin will ban the werewolf in the freezer and save itself. After that, the players will work the last girl trophy/achievement as soon as the loans begin to roll.

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