How to Catch and Evolve into Pokémon GO Wimpod Golisopod?

How to Catch and Evolve into Pokémon GO Wimpod Golisopod?

The Pokémon GO Trading Card Games (TCG) cards arrive on July 1, and to celebrate, an event will arrive on June 16 at Niantic’s game. Pokémon present in the TCG cards will be in raids and the wild. One of them will be Wimpod.

Wimpod is an Insect/Water-type and is one of those little monsters that are difficult to evolve because of the amount of candy. Like Magikarp, Wailmer, Swablu, and others, it will take 400 sweets to turn into Golisopod. Here’s how to catch Wimpod.

How to catch Wimpod in Pokemon GO?
The seventh-generation Pokémon will be released during the collaboration event, which runs from JuJune 16Thursday at 10:00 am) to JuJune 30also Thursday at 8:00 pm). It will be possible to catch Wimpod in a few ways:
Throughout the event: Possibility to pick up Wimpod through One-Star Raids
Throughout the event: likely to pick up Wimpod as a reward for field studies
Throughout the event: possibility to pick up Wimpod in encounters

How to evolve Wimpod into Golisopod?
Capture Wimpod until you get 400 candies
Click Evolve to get a Golisopod
Because it is only available in this limited-time event, it is advisable to use Fruta Caxi to increase the amount of Wimpod candy more quickly.

Walking with a Wimpod as a companion and trading one Wimpod for another with a friend are also ways to get some extra candy. Unfortunately, Golisopod can only be obtained through evolution for now.

Are shiny versions of Wimpod and Golisopod in Pokémon GO?
Newcomers Wimpod and Golisopod are not their shiny counterparts in Pokémon GO. This opens up the possibility of the duo returning to the game in the future with the novelty of Shiny availability. For now, it remains for us to see what Wimpod shiny and Golisopod shiny look like in other games in the franchise.

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