Blizzard promises that Diablo IV will be different to Immortal

Blizzard promises that Diablo IV will be different to Immortal

Something that fans of Blizzard have liked, are all the micro transactions that came to the launch side of Immortal Diablo, adaptation of mobile phones of the strategic franchise. That same makes them doubtful and fearful, because they think that their next main delivery can have similar mechanics of payments added to the standard game.

After observing the comments, the global community leader of Blizzard, Adam Fletcher, said that this type of monetization will not be implemented in any way in Diablo IV. Emphasizing that the mobile launch needs these practices to survive in the market, after all it is free access.

Here the full comment of Fletcher :


Diablo IV comes out as a full price game strictly designed for PCs and consoles. The title is huge and there will be tons of content after launch for all players. The payment content is based on optional cosmetic elements and, finally, in complete expansions.

With that statement it can be understood that Blizzard is still thinking about complete experiences, something that has been lost over time in the current video game industry. However, they don’t want to miss the opportunity to generate additional income, which is why Immortal Diablo was launched to the market.

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