The official announcement of the block collapse game ARKANOID -ETERNAL BATTLE and distributed in October. You can also enjoy 25 Battroi in Alkanoid

Publisher Microids officially announced on June 12 the blockbuster game Arkanoid-Eternal Battle . Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, and will be distributed in October this year.

This work is based on Taito’s classic block breaking game Alkanoid. Microids is affiliated with Taito and will be a formal new series. Development is in charge of Pastagames in France.

Arkanoid-Eternal Battle will include four game modes. In one of the Retro mode, you can play the original Alkanoid that operated in the arcade in 1986. It seems that a frame with the motif of the case of the time will be prepared. You can enjoy a familiar game that operates a bar-shaped spacecraft called Bows to the left and right, plays the energy ball back, and destroys it on a block at the top of the field.

In NEO mode, new power-up elements and blocks appear along with the new stage, while keeping the basic game rules as they are. Visuals and sounds are also renewed in a modern style. Based on this NEO mode, a VERSUS mode that holds a local match between 2 or 4 people is also included.

Another game mode is the online match mode called Eternal Battle. Up to 25 players played at the same time, and the players who made a mistake dropped. And it is a so-called battle royal format match mode, where one person who continued to play to the end became the winner. The winning players will get a special power that can benefit from the game, and will be able to use it during the match.

In addition, this work can enjoy the battle royal across the platform to support crossplay. In addition, the online ranking function will be provided for the Retro / NEO / Eternal Battle mode.

Arkanoid-Eternal Battle will be distributed in October for PC (Steam)/Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S.

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