[NDC22] Can Light Users fun with the war MMORPG?

[NDC22] Can Light Users fun with the war MMORPG?

Can Light users fun to make the so-called ‘war MMORPG’?

Prasian Electric, which is being developed by Nexon Games, is the motto of The War MMORPG that everyone would like, and aims to achieve popularization of siege warfare. To do this, light users who are not used to war MMORPGs must be able to fall into the game.

How do Prasian Electric plans to let light users fall into the game? Let’s take a look at the lecture of Cho Hyun-sik’s content planner.

Lecture: Cho Hyun-sik

Affiliation: Nexon Korea New Development Headquarters

Introduction of the presenter

I am currently working as a content planner at the ER Contents Planning Unit, Nexon Korea Development Division. He has worked for 12 years with MMO content planning in various projects such as LAW, Icarus, and Peria Chronicles.

Mission: Making MMORPGs that everyone will like

Prasian Electric is the fourth MMORPG project with Cho Hyun-sik planner. The order I received from the director while developing the game was a request to create a war MMO that everyone was satisfied with.

War MMO is one of the trend genres, but it is not easy for many users to enjoy because of the strong characteristics of war and PVP. If you think about it simply, you can put a variety of systems that everyone will like, but it is difficult to continue fantasy life under the saturation of the war. It is difficult to put any system in a game where war and PK are key.

It means that everyone is satisfied, in other words, a game that many users can enjoy for a long time. Once the range narrowed, the light user of the war MMO was set as a user who prefers PVE rather than PVP, and plays the game mainly rather than PVP. These light users can enjoy long and, but they aim to penetrate the core of war MMO.

See the paper ‘Create and Evaluation of Departure Prediction Model through MMORPG User Type Classification’. The party play-centered user has a very low beach rate, but the user who only hunt and does not communicate has a very high departure rate. Therefore, Prasian Electricity is centered on user communication such as siege, association, and base operation.

In addition, in the paper, providing a variety of contents would reduce the departure rate. If so, even users who can’t war need content to enjoy.

Light user type analysis

There are quite a lot of analysis papers on game user types.

In Prasia Electric, the user analyzed the user through Mark Chefsky’s hexad play type. In this type, there are five types: compensation-oriented ‘player’, network-oriented ‘social’, challenge ‘achievement’, disturbing ‘disturbance’, and free soul.

In addition, in the war MMO, the ‘player’ type that plays for rewards is universal, and there is an additional detailed analysis. A ‘selfish’ who shows off or helps others for rewards, ‘exploiters’ who use system loopholes in extreme for rewards, ‘consumers’ who consumed the system for rewards, users for rewards There is a ‘networking’ who actively interacts.

The goal of war MMO to satisfy everyone is embodied by the user type to play the game with a more essential internal motivation. War MMOs were excluded from free souls and disturbances that were difficult to achieve. The goal is to move the user in the type of achievement and socialism.

In the war MMO, the core user is a strong consumer type, and is in the game to maximize rewards using loopholes such as control and boss time, and then in the game for the honor of rankers and initial sexual occupation. It settles in the game with the inner motivation of the achievement type. And the bond with the guild members gathered for the war increases, creating an internal motivation like social and networks.

On the other hand, light users have the type of ‘consumer’ who plays faithfully what they can consume in the system, but they cannot play more than that, so they do not develop to the top type, and they do not have all players for rewards. In other words, the core user should care for the characteristics or type that the light user cannot have.


User type strategy: granted value beyond compensation

Two strategies were planned.

The first is a method of giving more than just a compensation in the play. The evolution of the user type is the development of the inherent desire. The player type provides content that will cause internal motivation to get out of the item compensation using simple hunting and exchanges.

Light users eventually need to play in the actual field. Light users can also influence the real world, giving them the characteristics of achieving that they want to give them more, and in the process, they also tried to give socialism, not just hunting, but naturally interacting.

Therefore, the plan was made by creating content that could give internal motivation to establish a goal, and then tied up rewards.

First, it is a monster wave content called ‘erosion’. Unlike other games, can choose the location and time for users. This process requires interaction with other users, and stronger erosion affects the world and expands. While satisfying consumer type, the goal is to complete the network for compensation, and the goal is to finally transfer to the type.

While introducing friendship and reputation system, the factional friendship content was organized to stimulate the honorary aspect, rather than simply earning rewards. There are 16 NPC factions in Prasian Electric, which provides rewards according to friendship, and ranking elements are applied to stimulate honor. The ranking element affects the reaction of the NPC, which may be respected by the NPC in front of others.

Prasian Electric also has an NPC fellow system. Instead of a player, they build buildings or collect resources. The NPC travels around the Simry Field and even can even interact with other users. This grows NPC for rewards at first, and later you can have a achievement desire to further grow NPC that follows me.

There are also content that can change the value of the field according to the behavior of many users to create a space where light users can participate in the actual field. For example, the field boss can also appear as the sum of user behavior. Simply hunting affects the emergence of field boss without knowing.

In connection with these field changes, there will be a place where people will talk about these changes by watching the wars of others or providing content that can see the world changes in in-game. Through this, socialism aims to implement the type.

User type strategy: deliver content without interruption

What if a light user feels enough to get a reward?

In this case, it is important not to interfere with the desire for compensation. Many users are satisfied with the player type. The reason for playing mainly for hunting is because it is the most obvious means of rewarding. This does not mean that the rewards are given well. You need quality content.

Therefore, the company set up a target compensation according to the player’s behavior pattern and established a strategy to wrap it with high quality content. If the advanced strategy is aiming to change the player, this strategy is to focus on the satisfaction of the player.

In the past, the most effective means of catching light users was ‘quest’. It is the most efficient element that can deliver content and narrative. As a result, Prasian Electric tried to get rid of the early hurdles and focus on the main story line to secure quality and quantity.

After the beginning, he did not interfere with the player’s behavior, and focused on the tangement of the worldview and story. If you aim for a linear play and choose the compensation you want by taking advantage of the characteristics of the wide Simry World, you can standardize the quest composition by region so that you can meet attractive people in a new area and enjoy stories.

This requires a character-oriented content composition. The contents are composed of the players’ influence in the 16 factions mentioned above and the military dramas of nine elves. The core is the strategic strategy of the strategic MMO user play and the concept of Simry World of Prasian Electricity to maximize the quality of content and narrative.

In addition to this, I applied the ‘unfamiliar’ technique. If the term is familiar, the appearance is unfamiliar, and if the term is unfamiliar, the appearance is used. He also used philosophical terms such as Kant’s order order and Jung’s collective intention.

I also care about constant content. At the time of opening, the goal is to provide or provide more than one year of live, and the goal is not only an event that provides simple items, but also a narrative content leads to event format.

Final goal: Make a member of Prasia

However, this is also a strategy used in other games. In order to increase the content, the growth experience is eventually divided around ‘combat power’, and when the growth feedback is felt, the user eventually leaves the game. The so-called I have nothing to do.

Thus, Prasian Electric set the final goal as making users a member of Prasia. In the previously-made paper, the party play-centered user has the lowest departure rate.

To this end, the guild system of is set as a group that can achieve a common purpose for several people.
It is organized and moved for the purpose of being able to achieve it by acting as a group, and then, it will lead to higher goals.
In the end, they want to get their own land in the Simry world, and the concept of popularization of siege is realized as soon as the users who belong to the association say, Is it worth trying?

In summary, the way that the light user intended by Prasian Electricity settles in the ‘War MMO’ genre is to realize how to use the game system naturally in the process of moving for a simple reward.
It develops into a core user who writes stories.

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