Valorant: Both Xolos and Kru keep the undefeated in their regions before the VCT playoffs

Valorant: Both Xolos and Kru keep the undefeated in their regions before the VCT playoffs

Last weekend the regular days ended both in the north and the south with two spectacular series that define the teams that end in the first positions of the table of each region, taking into account that this week the * playoffs * In search of demonstrating which team the glory will take along with the ticket for the second masters of the year where the best teams will fight to be the best.

It is worth repeating

The North Series put Fusion against e-Xolos Lazer e-Xolos in a first map of Icebox where dcop was present within the confrontation with a reyna that managed to sit the rivals to leave them badly stopped achieving Put a 10-2 with your team in the first half, in the change of sides the rhythm marked by those of Tijuana was still in play making it clear that they did not want to give this map managing to put a * 13-2 * That gave them the first point.

In the second map of Bind things would be more couples because the Xolos managed to react thanks to the power of Daveeys who took a rank in his hands that ends up punishing the rivals to take advantage of the advantage they generated To leave a 6-6 , reaching the second part of the control of the Tijuanense team would be present in the attack getting important rounds that gave them the separation they needed, working as a team tied the series and the map wins it with A 13-10.

For the decisive map we traveled to an Ascent that made them feel comfortable to the Xolos team showing aggressiveness in the hands of JFOen who with his OMEN managed to stop the rivals in dry getting a 9-3 in the First instance, in the attack the e-Xolos team took the Bandicoot instinct to control the situation by closing the map in a good way with a 13-9 that would give them the victory.


The south is painted from rose

In the south part, the confrontation of Krüesports against Movistar Optix began in a Haven where a bridge in the hands of Klaus would be present by making it clear the player’s power to open in the rival attack getting A 8-4 In the first part, during the change of sides we see Keznit would enter his awakening generating great plays with a neon that would cause ravages to give the opportunity to close the encounter with a 13-8.

For the second map we see an Ascent selected by the pink team that showed a rather subtle attack that made things clear to the rivals with the power of Nagzet that took a quite neat chamber. Things would be left with a 8-4 in the first part, during the change of roles tuli would help the Mox team to react in the confrontation but it would not be enough since it would better manage the map for the map for Take it with a 13-7 and thus crown your undefeated in the south.

With these clashes, the regular day ended both in the northern part and in the south with respect to Valorant, defining e-Xolos and Krü as the rivals to win, both squads with an undefeated marker in their respective tournaments that give them the confidence that they arrive in a comfortable position for the playoffs, starting Thursday we will see the search to get the quota for the next international event.

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