No Guys Sky: Application for PSVR 2 introduced

No Guys Sky: Application for PSVR 2 introduced

Overall, this announcement is not a huge surprise: the room journey, which was already published in 2015 and still supplied with smaller and also bigger updates, was currently implemented in 2019 with the Beyond upgrade for PlayStation VR as well as computer headsets.
Even then, all systems were adjusted as well as carried out for online fact.

After the next gene upgrade to begin the present generation of gaming consoles, the porting to the upcoming virtual reality headset from Sony is only sensible.
According to Hello There Games, all crucial features, including obviously the Feeling controller, are to be sustained.

The space-sandbox No Man’s Sky (from EUR 27.47 at buy) will also be released for Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset PSVR 2.
Hello Gamings revealed this on the State of Use June 2 and flanked the announcement with a trailer.

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