How to get a woolen thread in V Ringing

How to get a woolen thread in V Ringing

If you have problems finding a woolen thread in V Rising and you need help, we will provide you with this leadership in which we will show you how to find and make a woolen thread in V Riding.

V Rising Wool Thread Farm Locations

When you leave Farbane Woods and go to Dunley Farmlands, you will begin to find a new resource called Wool Thread.

A woolen thread is an improved version of a rough thread. When you move to Danley farms, you will need to start growing a lot of woolen threads.

It is used in all types of clothing recipes. You will need it for the manufacture and repair of clothing/armor. The most important objects for which you will need a woolen thread are the robe of an empty fang and imperial thread.

Fortunately, farming the woolen thread in V Ringing is quite simple. It can be found in different places of the Danly farm. To find it, you will raid camps, farms and villages. And in these areas you will need to kill the inhabitants of the village/bandits, rob buildings and break chests and boxes.

To check if there is a woolen thread in the region available as prey, bring the mouse pointer to the area showing a list of objects that you can find there. And if you do not want to look for a woolen thread yourself, you can send your servants to do this work for you.

Checking and conducting notes on production in each area can become a little tiring, so we noted the location of the best farms V Rising Wool Thread on the card image below.

how to scrap wool thread in V Ringing

When you first go to Danley farms, you can find a woolen thread in almost any place where you will look. But in the end, you do not have enough places where you can find a woolen thread.

But there is nothing to worry about, since the woolen thread is an object that can be created in V Rising. And, like any other item that can be made, you first need to unlock the recipe for the manufacture of woolen thread.

To unlock the recipe for a woolen thread, you need to defeat Meredith, a bright archer. She is a b-bloo boss of the 52nd level, so it is not so easy to win it. You will need a very powerful weapon and armor to defeat Meredith.

Meredith can be found in Ghost iron mine regions in Dunley Farmlands. Its exact location is noted in the image of the map below.

As soon as you defeat it, you will open a recipe for making a woolen thread:

* 12x Fiery Flower

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* 8x gross thread

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