Achieved match points, 3 sets of 2022 MSI finals are RNG

Achieved match points, 3 sets of 2022 MSI finals are RNG

On the 29th, RNG won the match point first in the 3rd set of Invitational Finals in Busan, BEXCO, Busan.

In the third set, RNG, which had a campaign, chose the blue camp. The T1 was able to lock the metaphor that it was difficult to take advantage of Banpic, and threw the precipitation to release all of Ari, Ogong and Gwen. RNG took Gwen in confusion and T1 brought Ari and Goku. The T1 pulled Kennen to cope with Gwen, while RNG chose Lissandra to cope with Ari.

In the beginning, the owner’s Goku’s Ogong was pushed out of the red fight, and the T1 started to lose money. Since then, the T1 has gained dive in the bottom, but it continued to make a difference by raising the mid dive and the bottom solkill without the RNG. After a short time, RNG, which had been more than a battle in front of the messenger, won the game, and in the process, the Biego of Yanyang Wei won a large number of kills.

Since then, RNG’s agility has continued. T1 was advantageous in the second half, and in order not to give this gap, the RNG moved quickly, pushing the enemy turrets and taking the second messenger and the use. Vigo played a great deal of time thanks to the extracting sacred destroyers in a very fast time, and Gwen also recovered even though the CS was greatly pushed in the process.

RNG vs T1 - Game 3 | Grand Finals LoL MSI 2022 | T1 vs Royal Never Give Up G3 full game

As a result, at the time of 25 minutes, the kill score flowed so unfavorable, with RNG 20 and T1 5. T1 continued to do his best to boldly struggle, but he did not overcome the gap between the growth. Eventually, RNG, who acquired Baron Buff, rushed to the main camp and finished the game.

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