Even though it is a zombie evil, the boss of the company, the ADV where a beautiful girl gets lost on your PC, is one after another!
 Gemespa Attention Indie Waves Part 2 [Ile2022]

Even though it is a zombie evil, the boss of the company, the ADV where a beautiful girl gets lost on your PC, is one after another! Gemespa Attention Indie Waves Part 2 [Ile2022]

In “ Indie Live EXPO 2022 Day2: PREMIERE ” distributed on May 22, more than 200 indie games are not only new information but also “ Indie Waves “. Was introduced.

I already know a hardcore gamer! There should be many people who could not be able to follow the information very much, from the work to the new work without any information. From more than 200 works, GAME*SPARK writers will pick up works that have been stuck in the heart with only a few tens of seconds!

Coffee games depicting Tokyo of infection, the ADV of a boy who thinks themselves as a tumulus, etc.

“Code name: Apocalypse”

Boss who is forced to go to work even though it is a zombie evil… Rogue deck construction game where both zombies and bosses are defeated

Fighting a boss who is forced to come to work, despite zombies and zombie Pocaridos in Zombie Pocaripus…! It is a slightly surreal rogue -like deck -built game where black companies do not change even if the world is in a crisis. Click here for the official website with a little mystery.

Developer/Publisher: Rank B

Platform: PC (Steam/

Release date: 2022 2nd quarter

“Outcore: Desktop ADVENTURE”

Suddenly one day, a girl appeared on your desktop! ADV to find a memory file scattered on a PC

Lumi, a girl who got lost in your computer. The puzzle that appears in her computer is solved using paint or Explorer to regain the memory of her memory loss. Lumi opens the file without permission…? It is a hachamecha ADV that can be expected to develop comedy deployment, horror deployment, and meta deployment.

Developer/Publisher: Doctor Shinobi

Platform: PC (Steam)

Release date: 2022 3rd quarter

“Time Bandit -Part 1: Appendages of the Machine”

Life Sim is irresistible, and the time has passed while you are not playing

A low -poly -paced life sys that regains time from a evil company trying to steal time. It takes time to do anything in this work. You can do various jobs and make the story progress. However, it keeps moving while the time game is closed. Therefore, it is an experimental game where “play while playing” is recommended.


Platform: PC (Steam/

Release date: 2022


Turn the cool and cool frame “Controlled” to fight! A unique action RPG

An action RPG that operates the cool na -bogma “controlled” similar to “Beyblade” and fights various contributions that stand up. The field is open world for some reason, and there are many locations like the decayed archeological site ** for some reason. Maybe after the destruction of mankind…? It is a variety of surreal action adventure RPG.

Developer/Publisher: Tibibu2

Platform: PC (Steam)

Release date: that’s a good question (undecided)

“Shikon-X Astro Defense Fortress”

SF adventure reminiscent of anime and eroge of the 80’s

A science fiction adventure game featuring character graphics reminiscent of anime and eroge of the 80’s. It is a simple adventure game that will interact and progress the game, and travels a little strange universe. From various science fiction animations from the 1980s, such as “ Robotech “, “ Macross “, “ Cobra “, “ Mazinger Z “, “ Space Pirate Captain Harlock ” The impact has also been professed, and it may be a work that will be pierced by these fans.

Developer/Publisher: Kindermann Corp.

Platform: PC (Steam/Nintendo Switch)

Release date: In the early 2022 (but has not been released, demo version is also available)

“Ihanashi’s Witch”

Survival life with a girl in the sugarcane field in Okinawa. Mysterious and emo visual novel

The protagonist, who moved to a remote island with a small population of Okinawa due to a certain circumstances, survived while hunting the hub in the sugarcane field with the mysterious girl he met there. Speaking of Okinawa, there is a cheerful image of “Aiza ~”, but this work seems to be suppressed, and there are many emotional screenshots and cute characters. The free trial version is being distributed on Steam.

Developer/Publisher: FRAGARIA

Platform: PC (Steam/Dlsite)

Release date: September 2022 (Summer)

“Plank Builders: Relive Childhood Memories”

You can also return to your childhood! Cute peaceful construction game that creates a world with toys

A peaceful construction game set in a cute toy world such as building blocks and stuffed animals. The player becomes a stuffed toy of the monkey and builds it with a building block to get a magical marble that blows life into a stuffed animal. With a cute face, the construction is surprisingly authentic. The magnificent landscape assembled by building blocks will return the player to the childhood.

Developer/Publisher: DIDITOPIA GAMES

Platform: PC (Steam/Epic Games Store)

Release date: September 2022

EVIL ZOMBIES | Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movie | Vee Hollywood
“Indie Live EXPO” is released every time a large amount of indie game information is released. It’s hard to get rid of all the information, but it’s a fun opportunity to find a rare work that you don’t usually see and a niche game that pierces a specific player. If you missed the program, the archive remains, so please watch and find your favorite game!

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