As reported, EA spoke with Disney, Apple and more about its acquisition or fusion

As reported, EA spoke with Disney, Apple and more about its acquisition or fusion

According to reports, Electronic Arts has spoken with several technological giants such as Disney and Apple about their acquisition. EA is one of the greatest game editors thanks to its iron control over the main sports IP such as Madden and UFC, but also manages other great AAA franchises such as Battlefield, Need for Speed and Mass Effect. Although players have many feelings found about the company, it cannot be denied that their presence in the game industry is absolutely massive and makes it a lucrative business for almost everyone involved… what could result in the acquisition of the editor.

According to a Puck report (through Kotaku), EA wants to sell the company to companies such as Apple, Amazon, Disney or one of many other giant corporations. The company has already had conversations with the aforementioned companies and is not actively working on any agreement, but an agreement with NBC Universal is almost achieved. According to reports, the agreement failed for the price, but shows that EA is ready to make the treatment if the price is correct. Although an EA spokesman denied these statements to Kotaku, Puck’s report said that EA is interested in some kind of merger and has been more enthusiastic about the idea since the news that Microsoft was acquiring Activision.

“Several sources familiar with these conversations say that EA has been persistent in the search for a sale, and has only been emboldened more after the agreement between Microsoft and Activision,” said Dylan Beyers de Puck. “Others say that EA is mainly interested in a merger agreement that would allow Wilson to remain as executive director of the combined company.”

As already noted, this arises immediately after the news that Microsoft will buy Activision in the greatest agreement in the history of the game industry. The agreement of almost $ 70 billion is expected to close next summer if everything goes as planned. EA could be more interested in this agreement, since she abandoned her agreement with FIFA and will lose the rights to be the exclusive editor of Star Wars games in 2023. From now on, only time will say if EA finds an offer that is happy. with.

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