Pokémonclicker Money, Dungeon Tokens, Quest Points, and the rest of the currencies

Pokémonclicker Money, Dungeon Tokens, Quest Points, and the rest of the currencies

To help you in your quest to become the best Pokémon clicker, we invite you to discover the different currencies available in the game: dungeon tokens, quest points, and diamonds. Here is the list of all the currencies you can use in Pokéclicker.

Pokéclicker has become a phenomenon for a few days, so many players are starting their adventure in this unofficial game that consists of traveling from region to region, capturing all the pocket monsters. This title has various currencies that must be earned in many ways. Let’s discover them in this new guide.

Poke Dollars
Let’s start with something basic that you can find in any classic Pokémon game, and these are the famous Poké Rooms. To get it is pretty simple. You have to face trainers or wild Pokémon.
Optimal areas for farming:

  • Kanto: Blue and route 23
  • Management: Ruta 28
  • Hoenn: Marc and route
  • Sinnoh: Cynthia and Route
  • Unys: Iris and Route 18
  • Kalos: Ruta 21
  • Alola: Challenge Street
    Remember that several passive and consumable items will allow you to get more money.

Dungeon Tokens
Dungeon tokens will be used to enter dungeons. To get them, you have to capture creatures.
Optimal areas for farming:

  • Kanto: Ruta 20
  • Management: Ruta 26
  • Hoenn: Ruta 134
  • Sinnoh: Routes 201 and 202
  • Teselia: Routes 8, 3 and 18
  • Kalos: Ruta 2
  • Alola: Route 4
    To help it catch Pokémon more efficiently, you can use higher quality Balls, but it can also be equipped with an Honor Ball, which increases the catch rate. There is also a consumable item that will upgrade this skin for 30 seconds.

Mission Points
Mission Points will be used to purchase specific items such as Eggs, Key Items, or Pokémon at the Casino. To get it, you have to complete missions.
It can be used to get:

  • Evolution Items
  • Rare items
  • Eggs
  • Pokémon
    Remember that you can update the quest list once for free every day. Beyond that soda, you will have to use Poké Dollars.

Farm Points
Farm Points can be acquired by planting Berries. You can use them to get Master Balls or items to grow your berries.
More interesting berries to grow:

  • Baya Zreza
  • Baya Meluce
  • Baya Ziuela
    As with any Pokémon game, you can use the watering can to make your berries grow faster.

This resource can only be acquired underground in exchange for certain items. You can use the diamonds to buy Master Balls or dungeon-related upgrades.
The best items to trade:

  • Heart Scale (10 Diamonds)
  • Keystone (6 diamantes)
  • Star Piece (5 Diamonds)
    The battery can be equipped to have a faster power recharge.

Battle Points
Battle Points will only be used for the Battle Zone and can only be purchased there.
It can be changed to:

  • Masterball (500 points)
  • Ultraball (1 point)
  • Potion (10 points)
  • Super Potion (20 points)
  • Hyper Potion (40 points)
  • Jamie, an NPC who will help you grow your berries (20,000 points)
  • Noel, an NPC who will help you manage your eggs (20,000 points)
    Now you know everything you need to know about the different currencies available in the game. Note that gems of each type are used to increase your damage, but they cannot be considered a currency but rather as skill points.

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