Remove the distance…
 Game offline performance that I met with music only [IT magnifier]

Remove the distance… Game offline performance that I met with music only [IT magnifier]

[game Park Ye -jin reporter] An offline music performance that combines the theme song of popular game is continuing. Through large performances such as orchestras, it is evaluated as an attempt to provide game users with the pleasure of new cultural life and to draw out the artistry of the game.

Witt Lowry - Into Your Arms (Lyrics) ft. Ava Max - [No Rap]
According to the game industry on the 19th, Smilegate will open the first orchestra concert ‘Dear. Friends’, which plays the PC online game ‘Lost Arc’ OST. The concert held at the Lotte Concert Hall in Songpa -gu will play the Lost Arc OST by KBS Symphony Orchestra, conductor Ahn Doo -hyun and director Wang Yong -bum. It is also being prepared as a genre such as jazz, opera, heavy metal, and musicals, and also supports live online live online.

Riot Games will open ‘League of Legends: D orchestra MSI Busan’ in Busan for two days from 25th to 26th. The performance will be divided into one and two parts, and will showcase music in League of Legends (LOL) and LoL esports theme songs and theme songs. Last year, it was a performance that added e -sports themes following the list of performance of League of Legend Live: The Orchestra.

On the 12th, the StarCraft Live Concert: Angkor stage was held at the Sejong Center for the Sejong Center in Seoul. The Angkor stage of the 2019 StarCraft Live Concert was played by the conductor Jinsol, a platic game, orchestra and band.

Nexon also held a ‘borderless performance’ that combines games and traditional arts for two days on the 11th and 12th. On the first day, the performance showed a modern reinterpretation of ‘Washing Kim Gut’ in Maple Story IP, and in the Gala performance, ‘Maple Story’, ‘Cartrider’ and ‘The Country of Wind’ were presented with traditional art.

Earlier, Nexon held the Symphony of Maple Story in March this year. At the time, the Korean 101 Philharmonic Orchestra Choi Hyun -hyun, which consists of the conductor and the 60 -person organization, expressed the MapleStory music.

This game music performance is an attempt to connect the interests of users who enjoy the game as the recent distance is released.

In the case of a game with a strong fan base, these offline performances are continuing successfully. Last year, ‘League of Legends Live: The Orchestra’ sold all seats, and in March, ‘Symphony of Maple Story’ sold out in 3 minutes of the ticket opening, and the organizers expanded their performances to the third round to the second round. did.

Game music performances have the advantage of increasing the cultural value of the game and highlighting artistic elements. Borderis is one of the Nexon Foundation’s social contribution projects, which aims to expand the base of art through the game by supporting experimental art creation using game IP. The Lost Arc OST has also been recognized for its high quality musicality and artistry than the game OST.

These performances are mainly included in the affection and interest of game users, as well as social reduction characteristics. The Nexon Foundation will donate the entire ticket revenue from the Borderless performance for public interest purposes. Smilegate RPG will also be used as a donation to various parts of the society that requires the entire ticket sales proceeds of the concert.

An official of the industry said, “For 1020 generation users who enjoy games, there is also an effect to reduce the distance to orchestra and lower the barriers to entry to new cultural life, including scale music performances.” “In the game, it seems that the fragmentary elements are like to meet the orchestra and become rich.”

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