These were the best -selling games of April 2022

These were the best -selling games of April 2022

We are practically half of May of 2022 , however a very important list of the video game industry has emerged, and that is that of the best -selling titles in April. This includes a wide variety of genres, which range from adventures in three dimensions, sports, shooters, hack and slash and even unbridled races with Mario .

As expected, Elden Ring was going to continue with its significant sales legacy, since it could be considered the most accessible game of Fromsoftware to date. Also and as a pleasant surprise, _lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga manages to position himself among people’s favorites with the complete saga in a single piece of software.

Likewise, things like Nintendo Switch Sports They were able to strain, despite having a most mixed criticism among the players and specialized press. In addition, Kirby and the Forgotten Land its space was made, because the factor to first pass at the three dimensions was not going to go unnoticed, not only for the character’s fans, but also for the general public.


Here the list of the best selling of the month:

Here the list corresponding to the best -selling games from January to April:

With this, the best -selling games of April conclude, which will surely continue to bear fruit for more months, since little by little people are added to Elden Ring due to their accessibility. Also, titles such as Nintendo Switch Sports will surely give a sales rise at the end of the year parties such as Christmas and others.

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