Square Enix will no longer invest your money in the NFT market

Square Enix will no longer invest your money in the NFT market

Not long ago a new purchase of the world of video games emerged, because Square Enix **. The objective of this was to invest in the non -fungible tokens market, a decision that is apparently already rectifying.

According to a report, the Japanese company will not allocate its 300 million dollars to the purchase of these, so it now will invest them mainly in the nucleus of its business system. That is what the managers commented on a profit call that made the results of their fiscal year, audio that made reporters.

The information in turn was distributed by the analyst David Gibson.

Although the expenses of Square Enix will not be dedicated 100% to the NFT , that does not mean that they will not invest in other type of electronic expenses, because we remember that more frequently they upload games in Cloud. So much of capital could go to dedicated servers for service, because some of its games do not work in the most optimal way.

The WORST Possible Decision - Square Enix

In the same way, it is somewhat suspicious to make this news known after the fall of the NFT to 90% of its total, a fairly strong loss for those who gave everything for this market. Many of these buyers relieved their items with a considerable discount, recovering with luck only 10% of their investment.

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