How to defeat the survivors in Evil Dead The Game

How to defeat the survivors in Evil Dead The Game

Since the “ominous dead” are very similar to Dead by Daylight, players can assume that the rules are the same, but this is not so. To be surviving requires much more time than it seems, and you must take a few steps to succeed. The next list of simple steps will tell you how to win as surviving in Evil Dead: The Game.

Steps to win for surviving in Evil Dead The Game

  1. The first step is the discovery of scattered fragments of the card on the map.

  1. The pages of the map lead you to pages of the necronomicon which you can pick up, standing next to them for about 10-15 seconds.

How to Survive in Evil Dead: The Game For Beginners
* At this time, your location will become known a bunch of undead, and they will all attack you. You can easily defeat them in the team.
3. Now Kandar dagger will appear. Take it using the same process as for the pages of the necronomy.
4. Finally, you can kill the dark that appear on your mini-card. To fight them, you just need to press the button using a kandar dagger ( ctrl key for a PC). At the same time, you need to evade their attacks.
* It is very simple, just shy away whenever the dark attack, and continue to use a kandar dagger. This will not take much time, because the dark has three small strips of health.
5. Close the gap .
* Just go where they were, then the next part will begin.
6. Protect the necronomicon . This is the only difficult part, since undead aims at a book that simply leafs through the pages in the air. The book must continue to do this for some time before it is d1. If you protect the book from undead before they inflict too much damage to it, you will win.

These tasks themselves are relatively simple. The undead is easy to kill, especially with your team. What makes Evil Dead a difficult task is an attempt to fulfill all these tasks, dealing with a demon player. Demon players do not die, they simply stop owning enemies, which makes them a constant obstacle. They can have undead, trees, cars and everything else they need to stop you.

In addition, the best course of the Demon player is to appear in the image of a large boss with a lot of health. In this form, they are quite strong and have many spells depending on their class. Usually you can relatively easily kill a demon player, if you have a team survivors and you work together, but for this you need a competent team.

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