Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Missions You Can’t-Miss in May 2022

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Missions You Can’t-Miss in May 2022

Unlike Animal Crossing New Horizons, the mobile version of the popular mobile version is updated very regularly. Many events are held every month, new items are added, and new characters can visit your camp. The iOS and Android games also received a significant content update earlier this year, which is an excellent opportunity if you haven’t tried it yet or come back.

Mighty Crystals: Resource Harvested in May
In this ACPC season, you must complete events and quests to collect unique crystals. To find the crystals you’ve earned, you’ll need to click on the agenda in the bottom right corner of the screen, then click on “Seasonal Events.” If you haven’t played in a while, you’ll notice many changes in the different tabs in the app. Then you’ll see a sort of ribbon with numbers from top to bottom: for each completed square, you get crystals. The middle column is “Free,” which means you get everything without paying. The right column refers to paid in-game subscriptions that give you your green ticket.

This seasonal event will take place from April 30th to May 29th, 2022, at 7:59 am
Crystal Shard materials are mainly obtained by completing events in May (fishing competitions, special flower planting, research, etc.).

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: 5 Things to Do in May
Here’s the ACPC’s full schedule for May so that you won’t miss a thing:
April 30-May 10: Gardening with Carla (go to her camp to grow special flowers and catch unique bugs.) It gets you crystals and furniture,
May 11-14: Clam Challenge. You have to go to the beach and collect as many shells and clams as possible to get rewards, including lucky cakes,
May 12-19: Fishing competition. You have to go to the beach to catch as many particular fish as possible and bring it back to get crystals and other rewards.
May 19-22: Dragonfly Challenge. You have to go to Insect Island and catch as many dragonflies as possible.
May 20-29: Gyro hunting. Travel the entire island, including OK Motors, to collect Gyroids and get crystals. You can also use them to create special furniture.

New campers, cakes, and furniture.
Finally, each new season welcomes new campers, terrain customization, furniture, and other lucky cakes. We should also note that if you missed previous seasons, we regularly re-release them.

New campers
carmen bin

New lucky cakes and furniture.
Glazed Coffee Cake
Apparel Collection Rainbow Suit
Wall and floor lamps series
Stained glass and stained glass series
Capri Nap Cake
Gulliver Rug
Pajama Party Wear Collection
Night blue wall series

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