How to get Pokémon GO Dewpider and evolve it into Araquanid?

How to get Pokémon GO Dewpider and evolve it into Araquanid?

Pokémon GO has started an event with a summer flavor. Water Festival 2022 is now available to all players and allows us to get a lot of fascinating creatures like the scarf version of Lapras that many players chase. However, the great novelty has been the incorporation of two new animals into the game. We are talking about Dewpider and his Araquanid evolution.

How to get Dewpider in Pokémon GO?
Dewpider is the first creature in the Araquanid evolutionary chain and therefore the one that we can catch more quickly in the wild. It will not be straightforward to find, but below, we will collect all how we can get hold of it.
Find it in nature
Guaranteed encounter after completing the Field Research Catch 15 Pokémon.
Guaranteed encounter after completing the special investigation for a limited time of the event Make 25 shots with effect.
Note that Dewpider will still be available in the wild after the event and shares Water and Bug types. In this way, it will also be more likely to get it if the weather is rainy.

How to evolve Dewpider into Araquanid?
Dewpider is one of the easiest Pokemon to evolve in the game and we don’t need to go through any particular process.

Dewpider evolves into Araquanid with fifty candies
Remember that you can use the berries to increase the number of sweets collected and that during the Water Festival, there is a global challenge that can double the number of sweets earned with each catch.

Can we get Dewpider in his shiny version?
Unfortunately, Dewpider or Araquanid is not yet available in their shiny version, and it will take some time for the developers of Pokémon GO to dare to activate it.

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