Bloodborne for PS5: How likely is a remake or remaster?

Bloodborne for PS5: How likely is a remake or remaster?

A Bloodborne remaster for the PS5 or maybe even a remake and new content? Speculations have been piling up for about two years. We still don’t have an official announcement, but an insider tweet again causes excitement. We summarize all the rumors for you and explain why you should still be careful with your hopes.

rumor mill for a long time

That’s what it’s about: Bloodborne is unique among the from software with the Victorian setting including Lovecrafscher Note. The gameplay is also faster and rewarded an aggressive style of play. This combination inspires fans. No wonder that the community shouts loudly after a 60 FPS experience, because the title is still good, but it would benefit extremely from a higher frame rate – and thanks to the many deaths, even from shorter loading times.

we have already reported on these rumors:

June 2020 *: Bloodborne Remaster for PS5 and PC: For a alleged new edition of the game for PC and PS5 , well -known insiders were expressed like Nibel. The version should come with 60 FPS, 4K, improved textures and shorter loading times. It was claimed that, among other things, Bluepoint, who were responsible for the Demon’s Souls-Remake , are working on the remaster.
September 2020: PS5 version with new content: The YouTube channel Redgamingtech dealt with rumors that even should appear more than a mere remaster for the PS5 *. There was talk of additional content here.

new speculation according to Insider-Tweet

A tweet from Millie A (@milliaamand) currently has new hopes. This time, however, is not a concrete rumor, just a survey. The question is what the community prefers to see at the PlayStation Summer Showcase.

The answer options are: Spider-Man 2 Gameplay, God of War Release-Date, The Last of Us Remake Reveal and Bloodborne remake reveal (whereby the latter answer contains a typo, so that “BloodBourne” can be read).

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Subtle hint? At first glance, it may not even look like Millie A was a remake Aneteases at all, but points out that earlier hints on this Twitter channel were very subtle and that the Ask a winking smiley. According to ComicBook, this could indicate that Amand knows something special. But of course – if so – this does not have to refer to Bloodborne.

How likely is Bloodborne for PS5 Current?

You should rather be careful with your hopes, especially since in recent years there have always been rumors that sounded credible but have not been confirmed. So far there is not even a 60 FPS upgrade for the PS5. In the meantime, the modder Lance McDonald has built its own 60 FPS mod for Bloodborne.

Of course, however, it is still possible that it has long been working on a remaster or even a remake that is similar to that of Demon’s Souls and that this is the reason why no upgrade has yet been offered. However, the graphic of the Demon’s Souls original is much more dustful than that of Bloodborne.

In addition, it would be conceivable that the resounding success of Elden Ring will add further remaster or remakes. After all, a much larger player has now become aware of From software. Then the release would probably be a long way off.

What do you think: Will we soon see an announcement or have you given up hope long ago? And do you think you need a remake or just the 60 FPS patch? Tell us in the comments.

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