The Serpent Rogue start guide

The Serpent Rogue start guide

So you have decided to enter the corrupted lands in an attempt to purify and save its people. But you have no idea where to go, what to do first or even how everything works? Our The snake rogue the start guide will help you move through the first parts of the game easily!

Serpent Rogue Start Guide: Your first steps

First, let’s start with what will be the central loop of The Serpent Rogue. When the game begins, you will be in a central city. There is a blacksmithing, an alchemy table and a potions elaboration bank, as well as several resources points. But its general objective is to address an infected area that is being devastated by corruption. As you enter, the map design remains the same, but supply and enemies configurations will change. You must find out where the source of corruption is and stop it. But you are at a time limit. At regular intervals, a corruption storm will sweep the area and kill you, so manage your time accordingly.

collect ingredients and prepare potions

So, the first thing I strongly recommend to start your trip is to create some potions. But first, you must investigate some elements. In the abandoned house, there is a tree stump in front. Interact with him several times until a lot of worms comes out. Recognize and then go to the pond. You should be able to feed the fish with worms in that pond. Keep the interaction button pressed while the fish fly to catch them. These are fishbones and will be crucial. Next, there must be some bust of tea leaves nearby, Coséchelas. Finally, go to the city itself and should find some shrubs of blueberries and aloe plants that grow on the right side of the city.

While you can go to sleep so that these resources return, I advise you. Sleeping in the snake rogue reduces your maximum resistance indicator until you eat some food. Worse, the game simply will not allow you to “sleep with an empty stomach”, which can greatly ruin your survival capacity. Until you have a sustainable means of waste collection, the only thing that can eat from the beginning will be worms. So, for now, only investigate until these mentioned elements are retracted.

Once you have investigated all these elements, you should be able to make potions. While we will have a guide dedicated to more advanced potions, which are listed here are crucial to overcome the early stages of the game. Those potions are:

Healing+*. Ingredients: blueberries, fish thorns, aloe
damage+*: tea leaves, fish thorns, aloe

The Healing+ potion explains for itself. Open your inventory and assign it to one of your four spaces. Press a button to prepare it, then press consume to drink it and heal. Damage+ is written a bit strange. Do what you do, do not consume this potion because it will harm you. What you want to do is equip it, hold the ready button, then press the attack button to launch the potion like a grenade to the enemies. Congratulations, it now has a powerful remote attack option, although consumable, which can end certain enemies.

The Serpent Rogue Guide Hub – Race Planning

Next, it is time to plan your corrupt land races. Go to the silver chest and deposit everything you have in your inventory except for those potions. The Serpent Rogue has a weight load system and you will want to travel as light as possible to obtain the greatest amount of supplies.

Since The snake rogue focuses much more on alchemy and the creation of objects than in combat, your first races will be just that: supplies races. Look for abandoned barrels and overturned iron cages. These will contain elements such as metal remains or even foods such as cheese. Find nests in search of eggs and eggs. Enter, take articles, salt, leave everything in your silver chest, rinse and repeat. It must accumulate a healthy supply not only of materials to prepare potions, but also of raw materials for the elaboration of articles and the preparation of food.

Early in The snake pouse you will get a lumberjack ax. While it is tempting to use it as an melee weapon, I recommend that I use it as a last resort. An ax is the only way to cut trees to obtain wood, and all the weapons of the game have limited durability. Wood is crucial since it is used to cook and produce coal, which is needed in the blacksmiths to build more advanced tools. Use the ax to get wood at all costs, otherwise, your first hours will be very hard.

What will help you throughout these races are animals. With these totems, you can transform into different animals: specifically, a chicken, a dog and a rat. If you are going to defend yourself but you don’t want to waste the beautiful durability of weapons, these transformations are good alternatives. Just warning, while transforming your health and resistance reserves will be affected . On the other hand, you can use these transformations to discover and investigate local flora and fauna.

Fast advice : The rat shape is especially useful since it allows you to search inside boats and shake additional objects.

Research and discovery is another crucial element in The snake -torque. It will help highlight important elements, as well as highlight the behavior and behavior of certain enemies and creatures, which you can then use for its advantage. For example, faunos like chickens, and attacking a chicken will pursue you with a murderous fury. This is important because the game also has an animal breeding mechanics in which to feed animals with their favorite food can domesticate them and turn them into allies. This can also be done to recruit human allies by your side.

Ear money at The Serpent Rogue

Now that you know the basic concepts of exploration and creation of potions, you will want to earn some money. Since 100 g are needed by container to banish corruption, you will need it!

The Serpent Rogue Beginners Guide | The Serpent Rogue Starters Guide

In the abandoned house area, just outside the entrance to the camp, you can complete money requests. Simply prepare the requested potion and complete the contract to obtain some gold. We have the complete list of potions if you need it!

Win followers and pets

One of the aspects of the game is to make human followers carry the boat and fight with you, as well as the companions animals to fight with you. To unlock the ability to hire humans, you must unlock The Pier, and for animals you must complete a search for mavka. We have some guides on how to use followers below:

Craft articles

While you can find or buy many items in the game, it is sometimes more effective in resources to simply create them. You can make swords, axes, accessories and more in the forge in the camp . It is just inside the west entrance.

To create, you will have You need coal to make food . Once you have that, you can create articles. Here are some examples:

Sword * – 3 pieces of metal + 1 trunk
Ax – 1 junk + 1 trunk
GanzĂșa – 2 Metal scrap
claw amulet * – 1 trunk + 1 textile + 2 spectral fuel
Torch * – 1 trunk + 1 textile

Elements update

This is a bit subExplicated. In the forge in The Camp, you can also improve your articles and change their statistics. Here it is explained how to improve the elements in The Serpent Rogue.

  • Open the screen improve
  • Select the weapon/element you want to improve or change
  • Click the ingredient tab and select the changes you want to make.
  • Press the craft button.

As an example, if you want your sword to have 20 damage and hurt:

  • Select the sword
  • Go to the ingredient tab and select claw (20) + sulfur (burning)
  • Reinforce the weapon and now it has 20 damage + burn

How to get the purifying potions of The Serpent Rogue

This is a bit complicated to solve on your own. You can find purifying potions distributed throughout the world, but there is no ingredient that gives “corruption.” On the other hand, if you want to get some purifying potions , you will need to get a sanctuary of the well of the whispers in the camp. Once you have contained it, instead that a follower picks it up, you can divide it into purifying potions.

The start guide and tips from Serpent Rogue

There is still a lot to cover The snake pogo so here there are some fast and things tips to help you too.

  • If for some reason you have run out of tools such as axes or shovels, look for corrupt skeletal warriors. They are very likely to hold one of those weapons. They can make some damage potions and collect your replacement tools.
  • There is a way to recover allies or animals that care. Eventually, you will get access to a cemetery in the main center. All you have to do is talk to the caregiver and use a shovel to exhume the body.
  • You can transform into fauno to venture into deep water.
  • There is a store east of the church where you can buy weapons and sometimes ingredients for potions.
  • Do you have problems with the boss at the end of the game? Our Serpent Rogue Final Boss guide has it covered!
  • To get to the final boss, you must advance through the swamp, which requires that you rebuild a machine. Here it is explained how to find all the swamp gears!

Hopefully, he now has a better understanding of what to concentrate and how to do things in _The snake Good luck and happy hunting.

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