The new King of Shamans is all the same cult anime, but more beautiful, tougher and without damping?

The new King of Shamans is all the same cult anime, but more beautiful, tougher and without damping?

So, “King of Shamanov”, “King-Shaman” or Shaman King… one of the stories on which we grew up. The first chapter of the manga of Takea Hiroyuki, who began as an assistant Vatsuki Nobukhiro as an assistant and working on a “tramp Kenshin” (no, I don’t hint at anything, although the heroes are often painfully without clothes), I saw the light in the journal Weekly SHUUNEN JUMP in 1998, The adventures of Asakura Yo and his comrades for six years and 32 volumes stretched. However, the ending of Mangaki did not work out (more precisely, he just threw everything in the form of a clumsy open finale), and four years later he returned to his brainchild, canceled the last chapter and still wrote/drew a new expanded end for Cazeban-publication.

The premiere of the anime from the XEBEC took place in 2001, the score of 64 episodes ended in 2002, that is, long before the end of the source. And the analogy with the “steel alchemist” is more than appropriate, because in both cases the first versions of the series were set by one director – Mizushima Seiji. The team had to end the plot on his own. And another question, which option is better. Russian spectators saw anime two years after the final on Jetix and STS, but the first attempt to publish manga on the great and mighty, the comic art made in 2011 failed.

And so, there was a reason to indulge in nostalgia and talk about the “king of shamans.” Firstly, the XL Media recently released the first omnibus (for two tankobons, although it would be worth releasing three). It turned out well, although there are several controversial moments like E and the selective U -turn of the Chinese names. Secondly, Netflix just ended the broadcast of the second film adaptation, this time exactly the next original. Takei has long been offered to release a new series, but he rested for a long time and demanded to return the same Seyu. Which in the end Bridge did, with the exception of the voice of Yo. Even Hayashibar Megumi again performed a song for ophening, and it turned out very much.

Новое аниме во вселенной Шаман Кинга? Над чем трудится Хироюки Такеи?

The second entry was entrusted to the director Furut Jouji (“Seven Mortal Sins: The Renaissance of the Commandments”), screenwriter Yonemure Shoji (Pokémon, Berserk, Death Note), designer of Sano Satochiko and composer Hayashi Yuki (“My Heroic Academy”). This time we met in the 52 episodes, and much more filled with events (and not in a good way), which hints at the abundance of water last time.

If you think about it, then there is nothing so special in the “king of shamans”. Is it really anime really remembered only because of the legendary and translated Opening languages, which many still remember by heart? _ “Take a look around, look back” _… or is it a matter of heroes and a setting, built on a wild mixing of mythology of different cultures? By the way, even such a series in the West managed to censor – it was this version that was eventually shown in Russia. And to forget about Lenny, you need some time. So which version of the series is better? The new one looks prettier (although the eyes drawn on the hair raising questions), for nothing that the old one is closer to the manga, which cannot boast of the refinements in terms of the drawing. Not to say that the overall tone was very different, but in the details Bridge did not cut out more adult moments. Take at least the scene in which Faust is digging in the mantle, the young man-killer chokolava, Sadomaso from the iron virgin and the blood as a whole. Still, the work is by no means as childish as it might seem because of the design of the characters and some plot moves.

Nevertheless, the main differences lie in the plot: the version of 2001, left without a support in the form of manga, quickly and not too elegantly rolled to the denouement. Although we will pay tribute to the scriptwriters-the final with “I feel like a chaman King” was a success and looks quite organic and appropriate. The new anime to about half is not much different from the old: yes, the audience is immediately told about Yo and Hao, in both cases some secondary part of the first chapters of the manga is omitted, but then the series diverge. This time there are much more characters, each has its own more or less open background, and because of this, the narrative does not look like a non-rustic, but some kind of torn, chaotic and chaotic. What are all these resurrectings and fraternities with the enemy after the fight not for life, but for death.

On the other hand, fans are waiting for not only a much more cunning finale, but also an excursion into the past on the way to it. And learn more about the meeting of Anna and Yo (as many as four episodes were allocated to this point), the formation of Hao on the path of evil and everything in the same spirit. If the last two dozens of episodes regularly go beyond the line of logic and common sense, then filed in the last series of the happy ending, which is not quite a happy ending, causes an ambiguous reaction: no big fight, the heroes immediately carry out nicteen therapy, Hao lets down the mean A tear and everyone calmly diverges. To some extent, two options for the finals even echo, only with different accents.

Oddly enough, the plot of the Czech, sometimes breaking into a good Facepalm, is not only spoiling the anime. Rather adds a certain color. And in the end, the new series for verification is much better, albeit about the epic ending and you can argue. Well, for fans there is good news – it is too early to say goodbye to the Shaman world. As expected, the Japanese immediately took into circulation the long-written Takes of the spin-off, which is enough. In particular, the manga “King of Shamans: Flowers” – six tankobons about Asakur Khan, a talented and gifted son Yo and Anna, who was not too lucky with her parents. The boy, like the matured main characters, was shown in the last series. A logical and obvious decision for fans. Already the teaser trailer was laid out. Someone said Boruto?

Yes, in childhood, the “King of Shamans” seemed somewhat more interesting, there were no twists of the narrative then, and ophening did his job. But even if the story is far from perfect, it was definitely worth filming a second time. At the same time, they stained the mobile game and released several figures. And watching the series, with all its shortcomings (or rather the shortcomings of manga), will make you remember the times when everyone watched anime on TV, not yet knowing that they watched anime, and will provide a number of hours of pleasant pastime. _ “Take a look around, look back” _…

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