Gyeongconjin Culture Entrepreneurship Support Expert Education Recruitment until 25th

The Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency (hereinafter referred to as Kyungconjin) will recruit the 9th trainee of the Culture Entrepreneurship Planner, a cultural start -up planner training program in the cultural contents sector until May 25.

Cultural Entrepreneurship Planner, which is fostered by Gyeonggi -do and Gyeongconjin, is an expert who provides one -on -one start -up support services for prospective entrepreneurs and start -up companies in cultural contents and ICT. Supporting factors for start -ups, such as finder’s ideas, business models, and partnerships, and diagnoses problems of start -up companies. In addition to coaching, it helps start -up companies grow.

In particular, this year’s program was reorganized from online and offline theory education to offline training and expert networking. A total of 40 people will be selected through documents and interview evaluation for business experts in start -up -related fields with vision as a founding support consultant in cultural contents and ICT.

The trainee will receive understanding of cultural contents and ICT industries and offline training for five months from June to October. The training training is linked to the Pangyo Gyeonggi Culture Hub Startup Support Project, such as early diagnosis, commercialization, and investment, and aims to develop a comprehensive competency as a start -up support expert through expert networking programs.

The Cultural Entrepreneurship Planner produced a total of 8 riders and 223 trainees from 2014 to last year. After training, they are working as a start -up company consultant, mentor, accelerators and professional investors.

“The cultural start -up planner has been 9 years old with the Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hub opening,” said the head of the Gyeonggi Contents Promotion Agency. said.

For more information, please visit the official website of Gyeongconjin.

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