The best electrical characters in Genshin Impact (May 2022)

The best electrical characters in Genshin Impact (May 2022)

One of the main features of the battle in Genshin Impact is the reactions of the elements. The unique ways in which seven elements interact with each other make a fight exciting, with a decent curve of training. While some of the elements, such as Pyro and Hydro, are relatively easy to master, others can become a problem for mastering, especially for new players. Electro is one of these elements. Below are some of the best characters in Genshin Impact:


  • 4 stars
  • Weapon: Claymore

Originally from Leiue, Baidow is captain Kruks. She is not a stranger among players and is well known for her unique abilities. Beido can charge his Claymore and wave it to inflict electric damage to the enemies surrounding her. Moreover, while her Claymore is charged, he gives her a shield that absorbs damage and increases the damage she applied.


  • 4 stars
  • Weapon: catalyst

Despite the fact that Lisa is the only free character on this list, she needs to be reckoned with. Damage in the area is where it surpasses others. Her spontaneous skill allows her to attack enemies on a large square with a lightning strike. Due to her permanent attacks in the region, few characters are approaching Lisa’s abilities to control the crowd. However, new players should remember that Lisa is not as mobile as others. Therefore, it can be interrupted in battles if the players are not careful.


  • 4 stars

Best Electro Characters In Genshin Impact | All RANKED
* Weapon: Claymore

Razor is easily one of the favorites in the Genshin community. His unique set of skills allows him to ruthlessly cause damage. One of the distinctive features of Razor is the ability to increase the reloading of elements using their skills. Thus, allowing him to spark his spontaneous explosion more often than others. He is a great character for new players who want to learn how to use electrics, since he perfectly inflicts both physical and spontaneous damage.


  • 5 stars
  • Weapon: Sword

Due to its impressive speed and basic characteristics of the attack, Catsin can destroy enemies in the blink of an eye. Her spontaneous skill absorbs a sword with a flash of lightning, causing an electrical damage to everyone who is within the reach of the blade. The enemy attack with Keqing will leave a Stiletto label on it, which will make it vulnerable to subsequent strokes with thunder.

Raiden shogun

  • 5 stars
  • Weapon: shaft

Finally, we have an electrochont itself, Raiden Shogun. Like any elemental archon, Raiden offers a reliable style of play. It perfectly inflicts rapid damage, and also has a high reloading of energy. Her elemental skill can cause crushing damage to enemies, as well as help the allies to inflict more damage. Its only disadvantage is the lack of protection, so the presence of a healing character in your team may be useful.

To use electrical characters in full, the player must be skilled and know his environment. Electric characters have huge explosive potential, especially in pairs with a fusion or hydraulic staff.

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