Call of Duty player vetoed after a video speech speech goes viral

Call of Duty player vetoed after a video speech speech goes viral

A Bligations The player has been expelled from his university team after a video that speaks garbage went viral this week. All the best garbage talkatives in the world – Conor McGregor, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Gary Payton, Terrell Suggs, Dr Disspect, etc. – They started in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Holder is where the greats were once to learn, train and dominate the art of speaking garbage. With this reputation, I should not surprise that the tradition of speaking garbage in Bligations is alive and well. While the days of the incredibly inappropriate lobbies were left behind, the tradition continues in the competitive and professional scene, which leads us to the Qpann incident.

Last Sunday, at an event of Consender Gaming Network in Destin, Florida, a team called Coldfront faced Valence. The confrontation ended with Coldfront eliminating Valence from the tournament and one of the largest verbal fights of the competition. Bacalao Scene has ever seen.

According to TMZ, the two teams have history. In other words, the video was next months. Qpann de Coldfront, the player who has been prohibited, affirms that Valence owners accused him of using and abusing Adderall to obtain a competitive advantage. Then, once Coldfront conquered Valence in what was actually a rematch, emotions increased and both sides ended up screaming at each other. According to Qpann, Valence owners continued to point it with comments on drug abuse. Then, when Qpann and his team won the rematch, which was a very tense and close victory, he unleashed on his competitors, which provided the viral video below.

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Viktor Reznov's Speech in
Not only provided the previous viral video, but also led to the fact that, according to the reports, Qpann was expelled from the electronic sports program of his school. «I have just been expelled from the electronic sports program of my school and the CCL team for speaking garbage in a place. GGS no more CCL for me, ”said Qpann. “The program states that they” warned me “in the past. The warnings they gave me were to shoot the bodies in a game and to use an Owen Gun against a school we were winning by a wide margin.

The QPANN school defended its decision and pointed out that it hopes that its players «treat all members of the electronic sports industry with respect, including commentators, fans, opponents, officials, interns and the staff of others programs and in all related events ».

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