Valorant: How to unlock Fade for free

Valorant: How to unlock Fade for free

With the end appreciation Act 2 comes tomorrow, many players are looking forward to the new agent who comes with act 3. Fade had quite a hype before its publication, with the leakage of your information and adding the underground bunker in the shooting range. Your official trailer has already been published to demonstrate your skills, and many players are looking forward to taking them into their list of valorant agents. You have some methods to acquire a new agent in Valorant. So let’s discuss how to get Fade for free as soon as you are released.

How to get Fade for free in Valorant

How To Unlock All Agents In Valorant FAST
We have already discussed who can unlock agents for free in Valorant, and they can use the same methods to unlock Fade as soon as they come out. The way you unlock an agent in Valorant is to bring the contracting capacity of the agent to level five. The method you use to get these five levels may vary. There are currently three different ways to enter the fifth level of the agent contract. One way is to simply buy the five stages you need, but you can do this only with premium currency.

The second method for unlocking agents is free, but can only be done twice. If you rely on a newer valorant account, you will receive two agent free circuits for free. You can use them to immediately unlock the first five levels of the contract of any agent, and if they have stored them, you can use them for FADES contract. The last way to unlock new agents is the most obvious, just activate your contract and play the game normal.

While normal playing takes a while until you get the agent, this is the only free way to do this if you have an account at a higher level. If you wait until you have completed your weekly missions, you can enormously increase the progress of Fades contract as soon as it comes out. If you need more help to valorant, you definitely read our other guides.

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