The 6 steam games of the week not to be missed

The 6 steam games of the week not to be missed

As every time, after the independent games of the week, here are the steam games that should not be missed for the period from April 25 to May 1, 2022. And as often, indés developers have reserved a lot of surprises for us. In particular: a science fiction strategy game that promises to be excellent, but also big monsters that destroy cities, without forgetting the adventures of a small robot.


Dune Spice Wars

A real -time strategy game in the universe of Dune? Rather twice than one! Because this is what the French studio Shiro Games (Northguard, Evoland) offers with its brand new project Dune Spice War. Of course, we find here the famous universe imagined by Frank Herbert and especially the planet Arrakis, where different peoples clash in order to control “the spice”, a substance to the powerful – but nevertheless mysterious – powers. It will therefore be necessary to choose between 4 factions to conduct war , namely Atreids, Harkonnen, smugglers and Fremen. But the only road towards victory will not only be brute force. Like any good strategy game, Shiro’s game has a political and economic dimension.

  • Release date: 26 April 2022 \ – Early access

Kaiju Wars

We continue with another strategy game with science fiction, but an SF still more uninhibited. It’s Kaiju Wars, the new game from the Foolish Mortals Games studio. The goal ? Barring the road to huge creatures before they destroy the city , on a playground that reminds of Into The Breach. To achieve this objective, you will have to place a whole bunch of things on the road to monsters (tanks, jets) without forgetting to build military complexes and deploy overpowered weapons. Fighting that will take place in a solo and cities around the world, but also in a creative section, where the player can imagine his city, his scenario, then share everything online. A very good point. To greet to finish, the excellent artistic direction, very pleasant to watch. Enough to put your eyes full.

Release date: April 28, 2022 *

Haiku the Robot

After the huge creatures, here is a robot, but much smaller! Haiku The Robot is an action-adventure game Metroidvania , an interconnected world that will open as you go through skills. On the sidelines of its colorful artistic direction and all in Pixel Art, the project makes a lot of thinking of Hollow Knight. “Dodge, pull and cut while fighting fierce -like machines. Defuse your skills, your reflexes through tight melee fights and epic boss fights, ”explains the Steam page of the project. Of course, there will not be only fights to be tooth. With a character gallery that promises to be wide – in any case obviously – Haiku The Robot does not seem to neglect the narrative aspect. There is also talk of unraveling the “mysteries around us”.

Release date: April 28, 2022 *

Metal Mind

Definitely, robots are on the rise at the end of April! After Haïku The Robot, let us therefore introduce you Metal Mind, from the Whirllaxy studio. It is an action game with elements of Rogue-Lite , Enter The Gungeon. Besides, the title is also with a view from above with a gameplay that uses the two sticks, one to move, the other to aim. And aim, it will be necessary to do it often, insofar as the AWC organization decides without preventing the production of robot. Obviously, you don’t agree with that. The very large peculiarity of Metal Mind seems to be its robot creation system, which is based on four very distinct elements: the body, which determines the survival capacity; the nucleus, to supply the robot; The actuator that manages travel and weapons. What to experience in abundance?

Release date: April 25, 2022 *

Kapital Sparks of Revolution

In a much more realistic setting than Kaiju Wars, here comes Kapital: Sparks of Revolution, A City Construction-Game game based on the class struggle . And of course, you – as a player – you are the mayor. “You will have to direct a city with limited resources. Balance the needs of people and the development of the city and face angry crowds in the streets ”can be learned about Steam. The city thus brings together three classes: the nobles, the bourgeois, the workers. Of course, each occupies an important role in the functioning of the whole. If you prefer, the other will get up. But monitoring this struggle will not be the only important thing. It will also be necessary to develop new technologies and improve your village. A lot of things for a game that promises to be complete.

Release date: April 28, 2022 *


We finally finish with a title that seems to have already convinced a lot of people even before its release. On Steam, Dorfromantik achieves 97% “extremely positive” criticism on more than 12,000 reviews, as much to say that it’s not bad! The title is about to get out of early access after more than a year of improvements. ‘Do you have to do it? Build a village landscapes from small tiles . The atmosphere is very relaxed. Each part starts with a random generated battery, which you will have to arrange gradually Small. But some tiles contain special objects, with tasks to be accomplished, like “windmill that wants to be adjacent to 6 cereal fields”, for example. The game ends when your package is exhausted. But of course, more You will go far, and the more new things you will unlock for the next games. A gentle game that will make you start the week on a real little cloud.

Release date: April 28, 2022 * – End of early access


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