Fortnite filters a track about Big Klombos plans

Fortnite filters a track about Big Klombos plans

Fortnite added Klombos at the beginning of the year each time the season 1 of Chapter 3 was started, but the creatures are not currently in the game at this time. It seems that that will change in the future with the dinosaurs apparently returning, but it seems that Epic Games has new plans for them this time. Recent leaks and data extraction efforts have suggested that Klombes can actually be killed each time they are added to players capable of winning a unique type of meat and different types of ammunition when eliminating them.

Hypex, the news account that shares information such as this frequently on social networks, shared the latest about the Klombos this week in a Tweet talking about some recent changes made in the game files. Apparently, a “NPC meat” element was recently added that is connected to these klombs. He fortnite dataminer said that Epic Games is “working to make kombes can be killed” and detailed what will happen every time they kill these creatures.

Klombo is OFFICIALLY BACK in Fortnite!
When the klombs were added for the first time, Epic Games clarified that it was peaceful creatures, at least until they were provoked. They could not be killed regardless of what they did, but if the annoyances, they will retaliate quickly and cause damage to the players who exasperate them. They were useful after having eaten Klomberries and they also gave players access to more mobility.

“It has been theorized for a long time that there was a great creature on the island, but unfortunately, it has not been found. Until now!” Epic games said when these creatures were added for the first time. “And in reality it is not ‘that’: there is more than one trampling the island. However, do not worry. Despite its enormous size, these creatures called Klombos are completely peaceful. (Unless they are caused, but even so). How can these Gentiles help you in battle? They ascend their queues to get to the spiral on their heads, then they throw themselves a great distance up to escape a difficult situation. It is also known that sneezing objects after eating a little!

Klomberries returned to fortnite recently with challenges that revolve around that consumable, a return that led people to believe that the same klombes would do the same later. It remains to be seen how they will respond to the players this time, since apparently they can kill this time, but Epic Games has not yet confirmed anything about the official plans for Klombi.

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