When will the next form of Chams become available in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands?

When will the next form of Chams become available in Tiny Tinas Wonderlands?

The first DLC for Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is known as Coiled Captors. It offers a reproducible dungeon with a rigid boss, known as Chams, Senior God. He was locked in the body of the sea warga over the centuries, and the only thing that can be done now is to put it on. However, it sounds much easier than it really is. This is because Chams have several unique forms in the Wonderland of tiny Tina.

That’s right, to defeat the chams only once will not be enough. After the defeat, the CHAMS will turn into a new form, and it will have to kill it again. As a result, CHAMS has four unique forms including its initial form. With each change in the form, there will also be changes in the attacks and abilities of Chams. It will help keep the struggle with tough and fresh with each shape.

What days / time will each shape of Chams be unlocked?

During the first three weeks after the COOLED CAPTORS output, a new chums form will be released. This means that if you defeat one of his forms before the next one is released, it will not develop. It evolves in the following form only after it is released, and the previous form will be defeated. However, you can fight the same form again and again as much as the next form is released. Below are the days when four forms will be released.

  • First form: 9:30 by Pacific time / 12:30 Eastern time April 21.
  • Second form: 9:30 by Pacific time / 12:30 East time on April 28.
  • Three Form: 9:30 by Pacific / 12:30 Eastern Time on May 5
  • Final form: 9:30 by Pacific time / 12:30 East time on May 12

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands - Before You Buy

After the first three weeks, DLC CHAMS evolves the following form immediately after the victory over the previous 1. To hear the full history of Vesper, you need to defeat all four forms of cham.

Finally, every time you conquer Chams, this form and this version of the dungeon will be added to the pool of chaos chamber. So you can see the chams or some familiar rooms in the chaos hall after the battle with him.

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