Netflix, Disney + and more lose subscribers

Netflix, Disney + and more lose subscribers

During the pandemic, Streaming services saw considerable increase in the number of subscribers. However, it seems that this bubble is finally breaking. NO SOLONETFLIX has lost subscribers in recent months, but other platforms have also suffered from similar casualties . In total, there is talk of cancellations that exceed 1.51 million.

Netflix loses subscribers for first time in 10 years
According to Kantar, a firm dedicated to the research of streaming services, only in Britain 1.51 million people canceled their subscription to various streaming services during the first quarter of 2022. It has been pointed out to the “savings of the Money “as the main reason for cutting these services . This was what Dominic Sunnebo said, Global Knowledge Director of the WorldPanel division of Kantar, in this regard:

“The evidence of these findings suggests that British households are now looking for ways to save proactively.

[Households were] Starting to prioritize seriously where and how their income is spent available

Netflix and Amazon can be seen as ‘hygiene’ subscriptions for the British; They are the last services to leave when homes are forced to prioritize spending. Disney, NOW TV, Discovery + and Britbox experienced significant increases in the abandonment rates of one quarter to another “.

Along with this, it has been mentioned that the number of people who are considering stop paying at least one streaming service with the aim of saving money, went from 29% in the last quarter of 2021, to 38% during the first Three months of this year.

On related topics, Netflix lost 200 thousand users in recent months. Similarly, this company is contemplating integrating a cheaper subscription, but with advertisements.

Editor’s note:

Without a doubt, a rather complicated period for all streaming services. All the positive numbers they shared over 2020 and 2021 are becoming red, and it seems that there is nothing that can be done about it.

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