The 6 Games index of the week not to be missed (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, ONE)

The 6 Games index of the week not to be missed (PC, PS5, Series, Switch, PS4, ONE)

As every week, we offer an overview of the coming outings over the next seven days on the Indie Sphere.

Stray - Gameplay Walkthrough | PS5, PS4


Action-Adventure Action Game, Lila’s Sky Ark is offered by Monolith of Minds. This is the preliminary of their previous resolutiion game. The history plants its frame in a psychedelic world where all kinds of creatures and puzzles reside. Your character is able to make powerful weapons from alchemy recipes to combat enraged animals and hordes of pink soldiers. It can also choose to throw a flop of objects including rocks, barrels and sheep. Four areas are exploring during a story about sadness and loneliness. A demo is currently available on the Steam page of the game.

  • Release date: April 21, 2022 / PC, Switch

Ember Knights

Action game proposed by the team of Doom Turtle, Ember Knights Voux charge to embody the Knights of Amber, “Dernière spark of hope of a world in full torment“. Powerful weapons and skills are available to carry out your goals in combat halls. Your speed and your dodge must also be used to counter the opponents. The small group must counter the misdeeds of Praxis, a mad wizard, who responded corruption everywhere in his passage. Along the way, it will be possible to unlock new skills, equipping relics or loot rare objects. The title is solo or cooperating up to four players.

  • Release date: April 20, 2022 / PC


In the adventure game Skabma – Snowfall , your role is to protect a nature at risk. You play Áilu, a young Guardian of Rennes compels to fight corruption that ravages his lands. It has a very special asset: a shamanic drum capable of invoking animal spirits. It will be going to go looking for four familiar minds and discover the source of the evil that destroys your world. The experience proposed by the Studio Red Stage is presented as an unprecedented representation of the native culture and tales of the Sami people. Gameplay side, count on a fluttering riddles to solve during a narrative adventure in the third person.

  • Release date: April 22 2022 / PC

trolley problem, inc

Created by Samuel Read-Graves, Executive Producer on Gang Beasts, Trolley Problem, Inc. is a humorous game likely based on “real philosophical studies”. The principle is simple: the player must proceed with difficult or even cruel dilemmas to solve a lot of problems. Here is an example: “_A tramway out of control file on the rails. Further, on the same path, are five immobilized people. You are next to a lever. If you pull it, the tramway will be referred to a Another way. But you notice that a person is on this other way. Are you going to leave the tram kill five people without doing anything, or will you leverage to kill one person, what will make you responsible for his death? _ “. You can compare your choices with other players during this experience of about two hours.

  • Release date: April 22 2022 / PC


Colony and Resource Management Building Game Developed by Asteroid Lab, TerraFormers entitled you straight on the Red Planet where you can give life to spectacular cities and launch very large projects. Your team leaders can be responsible for exploring mysterious places so maybe discovering rich resource deposits. It will also of course be satisfied with the needs of the population and then, in particular, to put in place transport systems between your cities and to prosper them. Finally count on volcanoes to reactivate, giant spatial mirrors to build or even frozen asteroids to handle to spray pieces of land.

  • Release date: April 21, 2022 / PC


In Winter Ember, you play a man without a face named Arthur Artorias. Back in his city after almost ten years of exile, he must face the religious and authoritarian faction having his control. In this game of infiltration and adventure, there is never one choice. You must prepare your mission by preparing the equipment adapted with more than 30 different arrows to make. Also count on three different skills trees: stealth, combat and utility.

  • Release date: April 19 2022 / PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


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