9 prison breaks in Games – from Popeleinfach to impossible

9 prison breaks in Games – from Popeleinfach to impossible

In many games one ends up short or long sometimes in jail – be it in the context of the story, or even through its own misconduct.
Sometimes you get out just as quickly as you get in – but in such a gaming jail, you also stuck forever and ever.

Prisons in video games: From Strohkiste to Askaban

In video games, you often land in prisons, sometimes, sometimes not.

Now it is said to take off his penalty or to break out on a spectacular manner.

Impossible Jail Break Prison - Grand Police Prison Escape Game - Android Gameplay
In the lower picture range we looked at 9 prisons and evaluated them after their outbreaking difficulty.
Look at you and rated with you!
From Skyrim to Portal – some prisons are a clack, from others there is no escape.
In our ranking we have held the lightest and hardest.
Until now, it goes without saying, because we do not know in which prisons we will still send developers in upcoming games.

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