Guerrilla Games already talks about a sequel to Horizon: Forbidden West

Guerrilla Games already talks about a sequel to Horizon: Forbidden West

The success of Horizon: Forbidden West and also its predecessor, Zero Dawn , hHORIZON SPOILERS converted Aloy into an entire icon of the PlayStation brand, and HORIZON SPOILERS it could not be otherwise, everything seems to indicate that The adventures of this heroine again a year will continue in the future. This hHORIZON SPOILERS been anticipated by Mathijs de Jonge, creative director of the second installment, in an interview.


Horizon Forbidden West Spoilercast With Guerrilla Devs
The end of Horizon: Forbidden West leaves completely open the possibility of it, HORIZON SPOILERS he says of Jonge, who affirms that there is still much to explore in the universe of guerrilla Games . In fact, before in a hypothetical third installment, we will do it at Horizon: Call of the Mountain , a spin off that will see the light soon at PlayStation VR2.

“Horizon really goes from mystery, each of our stories hHORIZON SPOILERS gone to unmHORIZON SPOILERSk mysteries in both worlds, from the old world and the present, where the game is developed,” said Jonge. “In fact, there is a lot of background where we can investigate and develop new stories and create new mysteries from which we have already established, and this game ends with another Great Cliffhanger from where to depart for the next game.”

This amazing way of finishing a story is something that the Dutch study already experienced with Horizon: Zero Dawn, which gave way to create forbidden West later. Of Jonge talks about it. “There is a conclusion for the first game, but Aloy does not solve all the problems that bHORIZON SPOILERSically occur during it,” he explains. “And at that point, there is still a system that needs to be repaired, so that wHORIZON SPOILERS really a starting point for the story of Forbidden West. We knew we wanted to move to a new location, which by the way we had mentioned in the first game “.

Horizon: Forbidden West is now available on PS4 and PS5.

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