Biggest scores, Mens Sky Developers new production

Biggest scores, Mens Sky Developers new production

Hello Games produced another new work that produced Nova Sky. In particular, this new work is also a whole to be enormous.

Hello Games’s co-founder and executive director Murray conveyed the story of his new work through interviews with IGN on the 13th. Murray said, “He has developed a different game in addition to Nova Sky,” he said he was developing a new work. “Like Nova Sky, the new work is proud of a big scale that is enough to complete, even if more than 1,000 people work.” There was no detailed description of the new work, but it is possible to be a large-scale game.

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However, fans are half of the heart for this news. Hello Games introduced a game that boasts a very large size and depth at the time of the first Nova Sky, was released at the time of the launch, but at all. The ads were specified, but there were too many features in the game. The photographs that the production team gathered and the game is launched and the gymners were subject to mockers among gamers. For this, Murray said, “No Men’s” we learned lessons from our games. “

New information related to the new work of Hello Games is scheduled to be released later.

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