DFB for construction sites

DFB for construction sites

The German Football Confederation would be used by conviction of his new President Bernd Neuendorf at the World Association FIFA for a recovery fund in favor of the families of the thousands of hiking workers who have come to the construction of the World Cup infrastructure in Qatar.

Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh visit the ongoing construction site at Lungi Airport
“I would support that. We know about deaths at the construction sites, and we do not know how is the families who depend on the money,” said the DFB boss on Saturday night in the “current Football Confederations studio” of ZDF.

The requirement for the Fund comes from the human rights organization Human Rights Watch. “It would, of course, be a great sign of Qataris, but also the FIFA, if you would say, we would support here such a measure,” said Neuendorf. The DFB would participate in such a relief fund, he assured. In the first place, however, the world association is asked, “that you can see the FIFA about the associations the opportunity to create such a pot here, which could also help”.

Whether Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock at the end of the year to the World Cup to Katar travel, that was “no question of the desire,” Neuendorf noticed. “Politics must rate themselves: there is sufficient progress, there are reasons to travel to Qatar to support reformers.” He had appointed Minister of Interior Nancy Faeser, now to talk about it. “The Federal Government then certainly has enough sources to assess if she will then travel there.”

A partnership of the DFB with the Qatar Airways airline, also a sponsor of FC Bayern Munich, Neuendorf Castle. “In view of the human rights situation and attitude, which one must also show in questions of sponsoring, I would rather tend to say: no,” said the 60-year-old. Even the sponsorship of the German record champion from Munich by Qatar Airways he sees rather critical, said DFB-President Neuendorf, who has been in office for a month.

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