Before Leipzig: Atalanta Bergamo is waiting for the harvest time

Before Leipzig: Atalanta Bergamo is waiting for the harvest time

“Keep your passports ready!” Atalanta on Europe tour \ – This line was already reading in the summer of 2019. At that time, the Bergamasken had qualified for the first time in their club history for the Champions League.

RB Leipzig - Atalanta Bergamo | Highlights - Viertelfinale | Europa League 2021/22

The special thing now: Since then, the Lombards did not disappear more from the European parquet. After the coup in the first pandemic season (very scarce 1: 2 in the quarter-finals against Favorit Paris at the K.-O.-Tournament in Lisbon) followed two more participations – Octifinal Final-out against Real in early 2021 and the first sailing line in the group stage This season after dramatic “finale” against Bayern-Bezwinger Villarreal.

As a third qualified the team of Success Trainer Gian Piero Gasperini (since 2016 in office) but after all for the Europa League. On the smaller stage it comes on Thursday (18.45 pm, live! At club) in the course of the quarterfinal game to the forces with Leipzig.

From a lift team to the prime example

It stands, a lot of historical, a lot at the game: the only second semi-final participation in a European competition beckons.

Almost exactly 34 years ago, Bergamo met the Cup winner in the CV team in the European Cup and dreamed of the premiere of a second division (!) In a European Cokal Final. Both duels were lost against the later winner with 1: 2 – and thus continues throughout the history of “La Dea”, the goddess, only the Coppa-Italia triumph of 1963 in the books. Just as the series A rains of the former eligible team 1940, 1959, 1984, 2006 and 2011.

But successes alone make no club, especially not such a special like Atalanta. In the Lombard Shadow of the Sporting Like Medial Giants Inter and Milan, Bergamo has developed into an ever larger number with an internationally esteemed squad forge. And with gasperini in this 120,000 inhabitant city of Bergamo found the right coach for the professionals. His philosophy of attractive, running intensive and, above all, offensive football has impressed for years.

“Gasp is just the right man in the right place,” Meeting President Antonio Percassi had said in 2017 – and thus kept as right as with this statement: “We have planned all this for a long time.” Especially in Gasperinis favorite system, the 3-4-3 with attacks in pliers movements on the wings, many degrees and above all fast, spacious passport game, the invoice is usually up. This is all inspired by an AJAX training session, which had once habited the longtime Juventus nightswooker many years ago.

“The potential is huge” – the yield but currently not

Builder of the Atalanta Success: Coach Gian Piero Gasperini (64). Imago / Jan Hebner

Sets like this underline the great ambition of the 64-year-old coach, who meant in the interview with the “Corriere Della Sera” sometimes: “Our example can encourage a lively and promising youth sector in Italy, where all soccer plays games. The potential is huge. It is up to us to finally lift this treasure. “

Whether a gold treasure in the form of the Europa League title, the current dream of the Bergamasken, but is possible? Questionable, especially because the opponent from Leipzig has been heavily recreation from Leipzig for months. “This is an excellent, game-strong team and for years one of the top teams of the Bundesliga. I would have liked to avoid the Los Leipzig,” says Gasperini.

All this is not a tragedy for a club like Atalanta.

Gian Piero Gasperini about the current Atalantant form curve

In the fourth K.-O.-duel with a Bundesliga club to Cologne (1990), Dortmund (2018) and last Bayer Leverkusen in the El Zodelfinale (3: 2, 1: 0) Also lacks Atalanta what the club has been Years are awarded: the gate. Especially in the series A is somehow the worm in it, the balance of only one victory from the recent four league games with only two achievements raises questions in connection with further dropouts in the course of the season – and has led coach Gasperini to the fourth CL Qualification at a time to pick up. Especially especially with rank 7 even the qualification for any European competition is in danger.

The main cause: While approximately 16 different scorers are guided in the Italian upper house in addition to an improved defensive, it lacks the forefront of efficiency, on cold snopism to pull tight games. The “guilty” are mainly the attackers Luis Muriel, who has lodged many high-cowards for some time, and Duvan Zapata, who has been missing injured for a long time.

“It’s not a tragedy for a club like Atalanta. We are still working in smaller dimensions compared to others. Some seem to forget,” Gasperini clearly represents.
Because a quarterfinals of the Europa League “is already an outstanding result”.
Nevertheless, expectations have risen after the successes.
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