Twitch: The 10 most and pictured games in March 2022

Twitch: The 10 most and pictured games in March 2022

On the LiveStreaming page, the category Just Chatting in March 2022 towers as usual all other divisions for which spectators are interested. With a view of the video games, we see the data from that the Elden Ring Hype continues to stop at the top, but the conditions were refunded again and LEAGUE OF LEGENDS dominates over 138 million spectator hours.

Valorant is next to CS: Go now already austerity guest in the top 10 with a good 110 million spectator hours. For valorant, this is an increase of almost 25 percent compared to the previous month. Reason for this is probably Ex-CS-Pro Tarik ‘Tarik’ Celik. The strongest MMO is little surprising World of Warcraft. Normally, the game rarely lands in the top 10. The Race to World First of Shadowlands kept the complete March.

The most and pictured games on Twitch in March 2022

  1. League of Legends – 138.562.317 Spectator Hours
  2. Elden Ring – 131.599.152 Spectator Hours
  3. Grand Theft Auto V – 127.932.833 Spectator Hours

  1. Valorant – 110.480.891 Spectator Hours
  2. Fortnite – 72.816.507 Spectator Hours
  3. Apex Legends – 68.136.245 Spectator Hours
  4. CS: Go – 55.974.322 Spectator Hours
  5. World of Warcraft – 55.904.658 Spectator Hours
  6. Lost Ark – 40,981,246 Spectator Hours
  7. Call of Duty: Warzone – 38.630.398 Spectator Hours

Most Followed Twitch Streamers (2013-2022)
Leader in February was Lost Ark with over 146 million spectator hours. Thus, the game from Amazon Games lost just under 72 percent of its spectacular. Meanwhile, the RPG is found again after this violent burglary on the 9th place. Fortnite could collect approximately 10 million spectator-hours compared to February.

Trigger was the elimination of construction , which has pulled some streamers back to Battle Royale. The category “Just Chatting”, in March, with almost 260 million hours, the audience numbers of “League of Legends” almost doubled this month. In which categories do you mostly drive around Twitch? Write us in the comments.

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