How to get 5-star banner weapons up to 5

How to get 5-star banner weapons up to 5

Genshin Impact is a game where you can play for free if you want. If you want to get the most out of your favorite characters, you will need to spend money on the Gach system. Even weapons are what you need to pull, and the price of its full processing can be quite high.

How much will it cost a banner R5 with 5 stars?

To get a five-star weapon R5, you are going to use about 134 400 Installations or around $ 2,200 . This Changeable ** number, however, since the banner of the weapon is much more difficult to stretch than the banner of the character. It should also be noted that this number is based on the use of STARDUST and the winning about 50/50 for the weapon you need.

If you need to use Improved way Each time you have a terrible pity, you look at the purchase around 268 800 Accessories and spending around $ 4200 **.

How does a 5-star pity system work for arms?

How I got my 5 Star weapon in Genshin Impact as F2P
Weapon Banner PITY FOR GENSHIN IMPACT works in 80 jerks with soft pity starting somewhere nearby 60 jerks . The biggest problem with the banner is that you can still lose 50/50 In general, there are two selected weapons on time. This means that even if you win 50/50, you can be with the wrong weapon.

To facilitate the pain of this system, you can use embodied path To ensure the five-star weapon you have chosen at the third attempt to get five stars. As soon as you get a weapon, Epitmoized Path is reset to zero .

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