Nintendo Switch: Firmware 14.1.0 zum Download

Nintendo Switch: Firmware 14.1.0 zum Download

The Nintendo Switch Firmware 14.1.0 is available for download: Nintendo has published another system update for its current game console. The patch notes are already available for \ – and thus details of the changes. Many innovations are not to be expected. However, you discover new “ notification settings for platinum points “. For example, the points for the mastering of individual Nintendo Switch online missions will be obtained. Details about the missions can be found in the home menu under Nintendo Switch Online. As soon as platinum points are to collect, you will receive a notification after the firmware download.

Nintendo Switch Version 14.1.0 Update Is Out! (Platinum Points Expiration Notifications)
On request you can of course also turn off the notifications. On Twitter, Nintendo shows that you can redeem the platinum points against special items for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Splatoon 2 . The rewards are available until May 1st. The icons should change weekly, as the company says.

Folder: New feature since March

Already at the end of March, the publisher had published the Switch Firmware 14.0.0, which was quite extensive and played a long-awaited feature. With the update, folders can finally be created on the switch (Buy € 359.90), can be sorted into the games and programs. This ensures a tidy home screen. You can create a maximum of 100 groups – with 200 play or programs.

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