World Cup every two years: FIFA apparently moves from plans

World Cup every two years: FIFA apparently moves from plans

As the news agency AFP reports on calling to negotiating circuits, FIFA slowly takes away from the World Cup in the two-year rhythm. The reason for this is the resistance from Europe and South America. On the edge of the FIFA congress in Doha on Thursday, possible alternatives should be discussed.

In conversation, the report is now a new version of the Confederation Cup with European and South American teams. In addition, the idea has been discussed to expand the Nations League to extend South American teams. On the agenda of the FIFA Congress, the World Cup is not in the two-year rhythm.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino recently announced intensively for the implementation of the plans, including the associations from Africa and Asia spoke out. The UEFA and South American Conmebol had clearly positioned themselves.


New rhythm for the World Cup

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